Media (including Fox News) boycotting mention of David Horowitz's bestselling new book

The book-buying public may be snapping up copies of David Horowitz's newest book: Final Battle: The Next Election Could Be the Last, but the media's cultural gatekeepers are doing their best to prevent more people from buying it.  A shameful case of suppression of conservative thought is underway.  Mark Tapson writes at Front Page Magazine:

It is the number one best-selling political book in the nation as recorded on Amazon's best-seller list. For three months it has been the number one best-seller in Amazon's "Elections" category, topping such powerhouse books as Alan Dershowitz's Get Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis' new book The Courage to Be Free. Former President Donald Trump praised Final Battle as "Great!" and urged his followers to read it. He even named his presidential campaign "Final Battle."

Yet, as Newsmax points out, to date outside of Newsmax there has been no mention of Final Battle in the major media, including Fox News. The boycott extends to the leftwing best-seller lists, in particular the New York Times Bestseller List, the gold standard of book sales. Final Battle does not appear on the Times list at all. When I inquired, the publisher at Humanix Books told me that weekly sales of Horowitz's book "have been higher than other titles on the New York Times bestseller list, but the NYT has not yet included Final Battle. And they won't explain why not."

It no longer comes as any surprise to learn that the New York Times bestseller list ignores conservative books that outsell those the Times deems the nation's best-selling books.  To anyone knowledgeable about the Times' track record in downplaying conservative books, the list is no longer the gold standard.  Yet the magic words "New York Times best-seller" continue to be the most sought after endorsement in the publishing industry.

Tapson speculates as to why Fox has joined with the Times in suppressing mention of the book:

Why then the silence at Fox? Over the years Horowitz has put on posh events at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills for Fox authors, including Jesse Waters, Greg Gutfeld, Brian Kilmeade, Pete Hegseth, Steve Hilton and Mollie Hemingway. According to Horowitz these authors are still his friends and not responsible for the boycott which has been imposed by Fox management.

A probable reason for their decision is the fact that Final Battle's publisher Humanix Books is the publishing division of Newsmax Media, the cable news and digital media company founded by Christopher Ruddy in 1998 which happens to be the fastest-growing cable news network. Could Fox News be feeling the heat from Newsmax's booming popularity?

Another possibility is that Horowitz has been a consistent supporter of former President Trump from the moment the real estate and reality show mogul announced his candidacy back in 2015. He remains a Trump supporter for the upcoming election. Fox News was always wishy-washy at best about Trump, and now even the Left recognizes that Ron DeSantis is the network's preferred candidate. Trump himself soured on Fox News after the media giant backed off from defending his claim that the 2020 election was stolen – a history-changing attack on the election process that Horowitz details in Final Battle. Could Fox News have decided not to promote an influential book that might empower a Trump presidential run?

The waters are very treacherous for any conservative author, even one so justly famous and well regarded as David Horowitz.  It is a shame that polarization is causing conservatives to ignore others' conservative books. 

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