López-Obrador talking to China?

President Andrés López-Obrador is a busy man these days.  Not only is he running a country, but the fentanyl issue is getting more complicated.  This is the story:

Mexico's president asked his Chinese counterpart for help Tuesday in halting chemicals from China used by Mexican drug dealers to illegally produce fentanyl, while also complaining of "rude" U.S. pressure to curb the drug trade.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has previously said that fentanyl is America's problem and is caused by "a lack of hugs" in U.S. families. On Tuesday he doubled down on those themes, but went further, venting in a letter to Chinese President Xi Jinping about "rude threats" from U.S. legislators over the drug trade.

I guess President AMLO wants to stop China from supplying the fentanyl factories in Mexico, the same ones that send the pills to the U.S.  He wants "los Chinos" to help so that he can get the "gringos" off his back.  Understand that President AMLO is tired of all of those threats about turning the cartels into terrorist organizations and having a drone take out a cartel leader.

My guess is that "los Chinos" will tell President AMLO that this is his "problema" and to clean up the cartel factories himself.  After all, why is China responsible for what happens in Mexican territory?

So this conversation between Mexico and China will go nowhere, but the murder of four men near Cancun  is apparently linked to rival drug gangs.  Maybe China will issue a travel warning about spending your next vacation in Mexico.

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Image: HSeldon10.

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