Let’s hope that Tucker Carlson rises from the ashes of Fox News like a Phoenix

The ouster of Tucker Carlson is a gut punch to his fans, who have for seven years depended on his analysis of and insight into the major and minor issues affecting the nation and the world.  I am guessing that Rupert Murdoch and his sons grossly underestimated his popularity.  Millions of viewers have boycotted Fox News in just six days.  This has of course hurt Hannity and Laura Ingraham; Carlson was their lead-in.  Many of us have turned to NewsMax, a far less slick conservative news outlet, but their content is not censored by power brokers like the Murdochs.  

Never again on Fox? YouTube screengrab

What would make them remove their highest rated host from the air?  His clear-eyed opposition to the war in Ukraine?  Hmmm.

Could it be BlackRock, that company that is buying up single family homes in huge blocks throughout the country in keeping with the WEF’s “You’ll own nothing and like it” agenda?  Then there is Pfizer, the gargantuan big pharma  company that has committed something akin to a slow-motion genocide with their phony and dangerous Covid vaccines.  

Carlson frequently and justifiably went after both.  One has only to thumb through Naomi Wolf’s prodigious book on the Pfizer documents or Edward Dowd’s book Cause Unknown to realize that covid was a bioweapon developed in China with many millions of American taxpayer dollars in my opinion, thanks to the monstrous Anthony Fauci and his equally amoral pals, all of whom belong in prison.  They knew; Naomi Wolf’s book proves that they all knew the vaccines could not prevent transmission and that they did have countless, serious adverse consequences. 

Tucker Carlson addressed these  facts and many others, such as how Twitter and the rest of social media colluded with the government to censor any opinions by other experts that deviated from the Deep State’s narrative re: covid.  The FBI paid Twitter millions of dollars to ban tweets it opposed.  The fact that Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine were effective treatments for Covid was censored.  Instead they pushed ventilators and Remdesivir, both of which killed people.  

Carlson aired video of Fauci talking to a smart man in DC to whom Fauci and Mayor Bowser were trying to convince to be vaxxed.  The man wisely noted that “it takes longer than nine months to test a vaccine.” Fauci then told him that the “vaccine had been in development for twenty years.”  He and his cohorts had been dallying with gain-of-function for decades.  Oops!  

Stopping President Trump’s peace and prosperity, anti-war, pro-America with a thriving economy movement became the moment in time to deploy their weapons, a virus and a useless vaccine, in my opinion.  

Carlson addressed all of these ongoing catastrophes.  He exposed the tragedy of the open southern border, the Biden regime’s vast plan to flood the country with migrants to whom he would give amnesty.  They would, the left assumes, then vote Democrat forever more. 

In the meantime, the regime is trafficking children; 85k who entered the country are missing!   Carlson informed people about things the rest of corporate media wanted kept secret and the media, the propaganda arm of the Marxist Democrat party, could not let his freedom to speak continue.  He had to be stopped. 

So the Murdochs pulled him off the air in a seemingly sudden fit of pique.  Was it Carlson’s overt religious faith as some have speculated?  Perhaps.  They fired Glenn Beck for uttering the word God too often, according to scuttlebutt.  Was it the Murdochs’ hatred of President Trump and their determination to prevent his re-election?  They are apparently atheistic oligarchs who need an uninformed and lobotomized public to develop their tyrannies.  

Or was it BlackRock, which acquired a 15% block of Fox, and Pfizer, whose advertising dollars are crucial to all corporate media?  

Whatever the reason, they cannot be allowed to silence the man.  While the Biden regime has moved America a very long way toward being a communist state in just over two years, we still have an opposition party, albeit a weak and manipulable one.  Eight of them just voted to remove tariffs from China’s solar panels!  Biden has been doing China’s bidding from the moment he stole took office.  Carlson informed his viewers of all of the above which had to enrage the powers that mean to control what we hear, learn, how we live, what we drive and eat. 

As for boycotting Fox News, I will be among the boycotters. Aside from the anger millions of us feel at the abrupt firing, the fact that the other allegedly conservative hosts did not walk away in support of Carlson is shocking.  Hannity and Ingraham, both of whom have addressed some of the same issues as Carlson in less aggressive ways, should have resigned.  That they barely had a word to say about Carlson’s sudden dismissal reveals them to be both perhaps envious of Carlson’s ratings and too cowardly to mount an in-house protest.  Both of them can afford to put their money where their mouths are but they did not.  

I am done with them and the rest of Fox News.  There are so many alternative news outlets now to choose from on which the hosts have no one censoring them:  Bannon’s WarroomReal America’s VoiceMegyn KellyMatt WalshMichael KnowlesJoe Rogan,  Jordan PetersonMark LevinDan Bongino, etc., to name a few.  So don’t’ cry any tears for Fox News.  It’s most likely as nearly dead as CNN. 

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