Let the House hearings on the false 'insurrection' of Jan. 6 begin

It is not that House Republicans are merely lukewarm in their support of former President Trump and his MAGA program and therefore, according to the instruction of Machiavelli, in The Prince, will fail in helping this innovator overcome the fierce opposition of the Deep State.  House Republicans are pathetic in their flabby pretense to help Mr. Trump drain the swamp.

The latest instance of likely House Republican ineptitude is revealed from the concatenation of two developments, in Washington, D.C. and at the Tennessee State Capitol in Nashville.  In Washington, a defense attorney for the Proud Boys has charged that undercover operatives, perhaps as many as 40, were involved in the Jan. 6 commotion at the Capitol and likely served as agents provocateurs.  (No wonder the Capitol doors were opened to admit a part of the throng.)

Meanwhile, in Nashville, the Tennessee State House expelled two members for disruptive behavior on the House floor during an unruly gun protest.  The operative part of the account in The New York Times on the ouster of the two legislators — an account sympathetic to the legislators — appeared twelve paragraphs into the story: 

The lawmakers who were expelled readily agreed that [their] outburst violated the House's rules of conduct[.]

And the Tennessee House took appropriate action.  Tennessee state legislator Gino Bulso pointed out that failure to have acted against the unruly legislators would have encouraged further future attempts at "'mutiny on the House floor.'"

Bravo, Mr. Bulso.  House Republicans in Washington should invite you to speak to them on maintaining the processes of orderly government in a legislative chamber.

And now comes strong indications from one of the political trials taking place in the nation's capital that Jan. 6 was a put-up job, orchestrated by the leftist enemies of democratic government.  Consider how Jan. 6 was put to use by the Pelosis, the Schumers, even the McConnells — to destroy for good and all the political future of Donald J. Trump and his MAGA reform movement.

Yes, Kevin McCarthy, Steve Scalise, Elise Stefanik, Jim Jordan, et al. could explain that House Republicans lacked the votes to restrain Pelosi and her ilk from running roughshod, in 2021, over House democratic processes via her rogue panel on political heresy.

But the American people have now handed the majority to House Republicans — and the House GOP leadership has no excuse, other than political ineptitude, for failure to immediately hold hearings on what Dr. John Dunn calls the Reichstag Fire–like use of agents provocateurs to manipulate the scene at the Capitol, January 6, 2021, for the purpose of overthrowing the American political system.

Chairman Comer at House Oversight and Chairman Jordan at House Judiciary must conduct hearings on the Conspiracy to Present a False Scenario of a Jan. 6 Insurrection to Destroy Democracy in America — to open no later than May 1.

And let the word go forth: yes, a number of political figures should be on trial for offenses against the United States — but Donald J. Trump is not one of them.  He is on trial only because of the ineptitude of Republican officials who should have given him strong and effective — not lukewarm or pathetic — support. 

House Republicans, only you can get rid of our banana surplus by holding to account the anti-democracy Democrats.

Photo credit: YouTube screen grab (cropped).

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