Lefty Colombia holds a peace conference Venezuela — then kicks out Venezuela's top opposition leader as an illegal alien

Once upon a time, most of the Western world, including the U.S., feted Juan Guaidó as Venezuela's authentic president, following 2018's fraudulent elections that "re-elected" far-left Nicolás Maduro to that office.

Today?  He got kicked out of Colombia during a Colombia-sponsored international conference on the crisis in Venezuela as a nuisance, and an illegal alien to boot. 

According to the Associated Press:

CARACAS, Venezuela — Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó said he was expelled from Colombia hours after he crossed the border from Venezuela to try to meet with some participants at an international conference Tuesday to discuss his country's political crisis.

In a video posted on Twitter, Guaidó said he entered Colombia trying to escape Venezuelan government persecution, but that now he also felt he was being persecuted by President's Nicolás Maduro in Colombia.

Colombia's Foreign Ministry said late Monday in a press release that Guaidó was "irregularly" in the country so immigration authorities escorted him to the international airport to take a plane bound to the U.S.

The conference was supposedly all about far-left president Gustavo Petro's wonderful "peacemaking" skills as mediator for all sides in Venezuela's ongoing political crisis.

According to the Associated Press:

BOGOTA, Colombia — Diplomats from 20 countries gathered Tuesday in Colombia to discuss the political crisis in Venezuela, where Nicolás Maduro's socialist administration has strengthened its autocratic rule despite international efforts to expand political freedoms in the South American nation.

The conference was hosted by Colombian President Gustavo Petro, who has called for sanctions on Venezuela's government to be lifted, but also for policies that ensure "more democracy" in Venezuela.

It was obviously a bid by Petro to cast himself as a regional version of China, a mediator, a peacemaker, an alternative to the U.S., in making "peace."

The top Venezuelan opposition leader shows up at this thing, slogging 60 miles on foot through the Colombian swamps and jungle to get there, and well...

Let's just note that ironies abound here.

Colombia has always made "peace" agreements with all sorts of gamy characters, including its notorious FARC Marxist cocaine terrorists (which didn't work out the way they thought it would, and not just once) and, for that matter, Petro's own Marxist M-19 terrorists, a foul group once affiliated with Pablo Escobar himself that in 1985 burned down Colombia's supreme court building, killing half the justices held hostage in it, but this guy Guaidó was just too dirty for their dainty sensibilities.

As for Colombia's sudden concern about immigration law, well, that's ironic, too.  Colombia has accepted literally millions of fleeing Venezuelan illegal aliens into its country, but well, this one needed to go.

Let's just say this conference isn't about bringing peace to Venezuela.  It's a sham Potemkin bid to bring "peace," given the expulsion of Guaidó, yet it was attended by the U.S. as if nothing were wrong.  It probably could never be anything serious, given that the Colombia government is ruled now by a far leftist whose impeccable guerrilla credentials made him a hero to the late Hugo Chávez, as well as his successor, the odious Maduro.  He's not exactly a guy who's got much cred as an impartial mediator.  His cred is being a radical leftist.

Yet, wanting to be respectable to the euro-crowd, at least, he now claims he never expelled Guaidó as an illegal alien, which is laughable, given the other statements from his minions.

As for the U.S. under Biden, Petro's act has the U.S. now cast into the role as the bumbling fool. 

Where's the thunder from the U.S. about Colombia's failure to extend this man asylum?  Why the sudden and newfound interest from Colombia in enforcing its immigration laws?  He's exactly the guy asylum laws were written for.

Why didn't the U.S. delegation walk out after hearing that the man they recognized as Venezuela's true leader for years was not let into the conference and actually expelled as an illegal alien?

There've been no statements from the U.S., and with U.S. foreign policy toward Venezuela being run by a group an experienced diplomat called "the three stooges," there probably won't be.  It's all about coddling that regime.

Now it's about to get even trickier.  Guaidó is in Miami now and says he doesn't want U.S. asylum.  That's Joe Biden's magic word for allowing anyone to stay, and asylum laws were actually written for guys like him.  That likely signals that Guaidó intends to continue to work as Venezuela's opposition leader because people who get asylum in the U.S. are supposed to stay out of politics.  While that's not actually enforced here, Guaidó is law-abiding and has high visibility.

This means the U.S. now has a hot potato on its hands, thanks to its pal Petro.  It can expel Guaidó as an illegal, too, which would be quite a scene, kicking out Venezuela's top opposition leader, as Colombia did, try to force him to go someplace else, playing actual hot potato with him, or it can just leave him there and pretend not to notice, as it does with a lot of illegals and as Guaidó politicks for Venezela's democracy.  That of course will enrage Maduro, and Maduro's the one they want to bail them out by pumping oil for them, so this won't work out well at all.

A fine mess they've got themselves in, to paraphrase Laurel and Hardy, courtesy of Biden's three stooges.  Stay tuned for more lunacy.

Image: Insomnia Cured Here via FlickrCC BY-SA 2.0.

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