Joe Biden may not be easy to defeat despite his cognitive and mental decline

If there is one word to summarize the functioning of the Biden administration, it is “consistency.”   Alas for America, this is the undesirable kind of consistency of misgovernance, lies, incompetency, coverups, the attack on democratic values, corruption, and gaffes.

We saw more proof of this yesterday during a White House event on “bring your kid to work day.”  Biden asked his audience of young children if they had any questions for him.  Perhaps this wasn’t what his handlers had ordered him to do, but as often happens, it slipped his mind.

A little girl asked Biden where his grandchildren live. Biden replied as follows:

“So let me see, I got one in New York, two in Philadelphia, three, no three because I got one granddaughter who is, I don’t know, you’re confusing me, but they’re all around Wilmington, California, New York and Philadelphia, the cities they live in.”



Biden claimed he had 6 grandchildren and mentioned their names. 



So what are the facts?  Biden has 7 grandchildren and he had failed to mention Hunter's four-year-old daughter.  Biden failed to recall elementary details despite repeated attempts.

But that wasn’t all.

The day before yesterday, Biden was caught with a paper titled “Reporter Q&A,” which had a list of talking points, a photo of the LA Times reporter, her job title, and handwritten text reading “Question #1” that was underlined and circled at the top of the page.



Clearly, Biden’s PR agents who masquerade as reporters appear to be colluding with the White House to engage in the deception.

When a reporter grilled White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre about the cheat sheet, she claimed it was “entirely normal for a president to be briefed on reporters who will be asking questions at a press conference and issues that we expect they might ask about.” 



Jean-Pierre insisted that the question asked was not the same as the one on the card.



The occurrences in the past two days aren’t the only proof that Joe may show signs of dementia.

Last year Biden appeared lost when he appeared alongside Obama at a White House event.

YouTube screengrab

Also last year Biden lost his way on the White House lawn, despite being prompted by secret service personnel.


Biden needs assistance for elementary tasks such as wearing his jacket and dark glasses.

Biden often reads cluelessly from a teleprompter proving that he doesn’t always comprehend the meaning of the words he is producing.

Those who are still unconvinced about Biden’s decline must watch videos of Biden when he was Obama’s Vice President.  Biden was never an adept wordsmith, but he could construct intelligible sentences.  Biden was prone to blunders, but they were the result of his casual attitude towards his job and his unwillingness to be prepared, perhaps because he overestimated his abilities.

For most jobs, these qualities would result in disqualification, but the Democrats wanted an individual who presented no challenge to Obama and made Obama look good. Biden unknowingly did that job perfectly.

Biden is to Obama what Kamala Harris is to Biden.

Biden's recent gaffes are of a different nature; they are the result of a mind not functioning.

Last year, Texas GOP Rep. Ronny Jackson, who was the White House physician for the Obama and Trump administrations, demanded that Biden be subjected to a cognitive test and that those results be made public.



Biden’s decline was obvious to anybody -- including his fellow Democrats who taunted him during a primary debate in 2020.

Clearly, the Democrat party leadership had this idea of installing a puppet in the White House knowing that the puppet could be used to push their nefarious agenda that changes America forever.

Most Presidents are concerned about their legacy; Biden can’t remember how many grandchildren he has.  The notion of how history will judge him won’t even cross his impaired mind. 

Biden is in the White House not despite his struggle with dementia but because of his struggles with dementia.  The results are catastrophic – high inflation, high crime, record-breaking border crossing, targeting political opponents, corruption, and an interminable unnecessary foreign war that is funded by US citizens.

Biden’s situation is so bad that he couldn’t even publicly declare he was seeking reelection; instead they uploaded a video on social media at 6 AM.



Alas, Biden’s cognitive and mental decline and his misgovernance may not be enough to unseat him.  The Democrats may have already rigged the contest.  Perhaps a significant number of illegal aliens who crossed the border are being granted voting rights.

Despite their lack of credibility in the news media, there is still a section of citizens who believes their Democrat propaganda.

The media often uses scare tactics prior to the elections.

During the midterms, they used abortion to cause panic among voters. They gave women the impression that they will need approval from the elected Republican official prior to their visit to the gynecologist. This will be reused in 2024.

If there is a shootout and if a person of color is harmed by the police, the GOP is blamed. 

The Democrats know that voters who are driven by fear from these narratives will vote for them.

Federal agencies are compromised by the Democrats and are used to destroy political opponents and their supporters.

The Democrats also rig the elections by changing sacrosanct voting rules and ballot counting practices and making them vulnerable to fraud.

Last year Biden signed Executive Order 14019 that asked all 600 federal agencies to “consider ways to expand citizens’ opportunities to register to vote and to obtain information about, and participate in, the electoral process.” The Biden administration isn’t revealing the specifics of the order. 

The GOP will have to beat the Democrats at their shady ploys.  The GOP will have to drive their own narrative and not always be reacting to Democrat attacks. The GOP must learn from their mistakes during the 2022 midterms where they probably presumed that Biden's catastrophes were so obvious that they didn't need to do much.

Installing a puppet and running a government by proxy are maneuvers used by the deep state of third-world totalitarian regimes.  This must never be allowed in one of the world’s leading democracies.

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