Jennifer Granholm vows an all-electric vehicle military by 2030

From the people who brought us "green bullets," we now have plans for all-electric tanks to save the earth.

Which sounds more than a little odd, given the purpose of tanks.

But here's Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, testifying before Congress:


According to Fox News:

Department of Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said Wednesday that she supports efforts from the Biden administration to require the U.S. military to implement an all-electric vehicle fleet by 2030, telling lawmakers that she believes "we can get there."

Granholm's remarks came during a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing following questions from Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, who asked the Biden administration official whether she supports the military's adoption of an "EV fleet by 2030."

"I do, and I think we can get there, as well," Granholm said. "I do think that reducing our reliance on the volatility of globally traded fossil fuels where we know that global events like the war in Ukraine can jack up prices for people back home… does not contribute to energy security."

"I think energy security is achieved when we have homegrown, clean energy that is abundant like you see in Iowa," Granholm added. "We think we can be a leader globally in how we have become energy independent."

Which, suffice to say, is music to our enemies' ears. Obviously, this crap signals the U.S. isn't about winning wars anymore. It's about virtue-signalling to save the earth, even if one is blowing gargantuan holes into it with M-19 tanks. And it reflects a remarkable inability of the central planners of the Biden administration to foresee the consequences three steps down of their actions. It's quite amazing that they imagine this will save costs, dependency on fossil fuels, and make the U.S. a "leader" suitable for awards or something, not winning wars. Somehow, we haven't seen China or Russia rushing to green up their military vehicles yet.

It's idiocy to anyone who knows about military matters. Fox News has a collection of them here.

Electrical vehicles are still rich men's playthings, unaffordable to ordinary people, costly, earth-unfriendly, and requiring more carbon compounds to produce along with more child slave labor, than conventional vehicles. There aren't even enough earthly resources developed to electrify all the vehicles used, nor enough lithium and rare earth minerals, let alone charging stations in remote wastelands like Afghanistan or even semi-developed Ukraine, but no matter.

There's also costs. The military is one of the world's biggest consumers of conventional fossil fuels, and transferring to an all-electrical consumption model over the fastest, cheapest and most available fuel sources would drive up costs astronomically.  Which doesn't sound like a good idea for a country that no longer has enough ammo in stock.

Even if the Biden administration recognizes this lunacy -- there are some signs they are trying to spin this Granholm statement away, with administration officials reportedly claiming that Granholm didn't mean "all" vehicles, just base vehicles, the cost would remain astronomical and certainly not work, given tanks' dependency on a chain of electric vehicles to operate.

As for advances in electrical vehicle technology, well, those are in China, not here, so good luck with that one, Jen:



It's scary stuff when one considers the observed behavior of electic cars in inclement weather, such as during California's wildfires and Florida's hurricane flight, where electric vehicles either blew up or shut down. Sound like a good idea for tanks?

As Mike Pompeo and another guy note:



As bizarre as it all sounds, the Biden administration actually has spent billions on greening up the U.S. military fleet. 

And Granholm was serious when she said "all" military vehicles.

What the heck have we come to? It's as if the enemy has gotten hold of our military and is making it as weak, costly, enfeebled and ineffective as possible, yet as far as is known, they haven't. This is a 100% Biden-manufactured crisis added onto all the other ones.

Image: Screen shot from Twitter video.


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