It is Biden, Obama, and other leftists who continually seek to divide the country, not Trump

The Washington Post a few days ago highlighted a just-published book by its former columnist Thomas Edsall, now at the New York Times. The book’s publisher, Princeton University Press, writes:

Thomas Byrne Edsall fears that the country may be headed over a cliff, arguing that the election of Donald Trump was the most serious threat to the American political system since the Civil War. In this compelling and illuminating book, Edsall documents how the Trump years ravaged the nation’s politics, culture, and social order.

This analysis is a crock. Democrats have been seeking to divide the country by race, sex and class for decades. They have sought to destroy anyone who got in their way. It started way before Trump.

Is American politics past the point of no return? In this compelling book, New York Times columnist and political reporter Thomas Byrne Edsall documents how the Trump years ravaged the nation’s politics, culture, and social order.

Obama lied continuously to get Obamacare passed, not Trump. People who were against Obama’s policies on healthcare and other things were frequently called racists. “See! Right-wing intolerance, hatred and racism fuel this movement.”

Obama dictatorially ignored immigration laws when he implemented DACA, not Trump.

Obama and Biden support lawless sanctuary cities and states, not Trump.

Obama used the IRS to target political opponents, not Trump. He sought to silence people who disagreed on policies before elections.

Biden compared tea party members who wanted smaller government as domestic terrorists. Democrats frequently use this tactic whether it is people who want to make America great again, people who protest elections, or parents. 

Obama and Biden have used the Justice Department to spy on and target political opponents, not Trump.

Obama and Biden support soft on crime DA's, not Trump.

Obama and Biden dictatorially use the EPA to destroy energy companies, not Trump.

Biden is destroying women and girls right by making them share space and compete with biological men, not Trump.

Biden appointed a woman to the Supreme Court who can't even define what a woman is, yet we are supposed to trust her to interpret laws. 

Biden supports allowing kids to be castrated, or have their breasts removed without their parents’ knowledge, not Trump. 

Biden ordered Catholic priests to stop showing up at Walter Reed Hospital, not Trump.

The ESG movement is meant to divide and destroy companies that don't adhere to leftist policies. 

Biden and Obama support abortion on demand and withholding health care from newborn babies in botched abortions, not Trump.

Biden and Obama oppose school choice for poor kids, not Trump.

Biden's justice Department targeted parents and Catholics, not Trump.

A probe of the National School Boards Association’s call for federal investigations of parents as domestic terrorists found the White House was involved in the drafting process that led to the controversial request.

Obama and Biden had slush funds at EPA, Justice Department and CFPB where they shook down companies and gave kickbacks to leftist groups, not Trump. 

Biden's justice Department doesn't care about groups that targeted cities or crisis pregnancy centers or illegally protested in front of Supreme court justices’ houses, not Trump's.

The CDC, under Biden, coordinated with teachers’ unions to keep schools closed, which has caused massive permanent harm to children and families.

The American Federation of Teachers lobbied the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on, and even suggested language for, the federal agency’s school-reopening guidance released in February.

The media is a major participant in the destruction of American culture and politics. 

They participated in spreading the lies about Russian collusion and calling Trump an illegitimate president for years to divide and conquer the public. 

They still participate in covering up for the Biden family corruption, which is massive.

The media repeated all the misinformation from Fauci and the CDC while silencing those who disagreed. People who didn’t take the vaccine were fired and were said to want people to die. 

The media never called Democrats who have challenged elections “election deniers,” but calls any Republicans who challenged an election “deniers” to disparage them in the eyes of the public.

The media and other Democrats always play the race card to intentionally divide the country.

The examples are endless:

The “hands up,  don't shoot” narrative was a blatant lie to gin up racial hate and division against white cops. How many police have been injured and killed because of this intentional lie?

The media targeted white Christian boys for the crime of wearing MAGA hats. The media and other Democrats don't care who they destroy as they quest for power.

Democrats used the filibuster over 300 times to stop Trump's policies and appointments. But then:

Democrats working to dismantle the filibuster as a major impediment to their legislative agenda say the procedural maneuver is a threat to civil rights.

Trump was falsely blamed for a photo showing kids in cages to gin up racial hate towards him. The pictures were from the Obama, Biden years.

Biden and others continually lie about what Trump said at Charlottesville. Trump repeatedly denounced white supremacists and Nazi's but that wouldn’t divide the public so they lie

We keep hearing that Trump is an authoritarian, which is absolute BS. Trump tried to give the money and power to the people. Obama and Biden tried to amass power for themselves and the government.

Trump’s policies were lifting all boats. Minorities and the poor were seeing real wages rise substantially. The poverty rate hit a record low in December 2019 under Trump, not under the Great Society and anti-poverty programs that keep people poor and dependent on the government.

Think how much better Trump could have done if the media and other Democrats weren’t seeking to destroy him every day.

Obama and Biden refuse to enforce immigration laws Congress passed and dictatorially implemented DACA. 

Now Biden, without Congressional approval, has approved billions in health insurance benefits for illegals.

Biden wants to buy young people’s votes, so he is dictatorially trying to cancel student debt.

Biden and his EPA are dictatorially forcing people to buy expensive electric vehicles powered by flammable pollutants.

Biden is forcing schools to allow boys to compete with girls and forcing girls to share facilities with people with penises.

Conclusion: The media and other Democrats will seek to destroy whichever Republican is chosen as the presidential candidate, just as they have in the past. It doesn't matter if they are black, white, orange or if they are a woman. They are the party of personal destruction. Just watch what they do to Nikki Haley, Tim Scott, and Clarence Thomas. 

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