Five reasons why Michelle Obama needs to stop attacking American citizens' rights to gun access

Recently, Former First Lady Michelle Obama appeared on CBS Mornings, where she once again attacked the Second Amendment and proclaimed that American citizens having "unfettered access to firearms" is not a good thing.

CBS host Gayle King mourned recent shootings across the U.S. before asking Obama if there was anything that could be done to "reconcile gun violence in this country."

Obama responded that she hoped for more anti-gun laws to be passed.

"I hope and pray that at some point, 'enough becomes enough.'"  "We are the only developed country on the planet where its citizens can have unfettered access to firearms.  That is not a good thing," she added.

Obama wasn't on CBS just to talk about gun control; the Obamas never make any appearances or utter a syllable that is unconnected to pecuniary gains.  She was there to promote her new media projects, such as a Netflix special based on her most recent book, The Light We Carry.

Obama also encouraged young people in particular to go out and vote to change the country's gun laws (14½-minute clip):

"More of us have to feel strongly about it.  In particular our young people.  This is where democracy comes in.  Voting — all of this stuff is decided in the ballot box," she urged.

Michelle then proceeded to do what she does best: lavish blandishments on her husband.

Obama agreed with King that her husband had no actual scandals during his presidency. 

"I mean, you went eight years where there were really relatively no scandals to speak of, compared to what we're dealing with even now," King stated as Obama nodded in agreement.

King asked if the couple felt "enormous pressure" as the first Black president and first lady in the White House.

"Absolutely," Obama said, claiming that her husband's success or failure would impact the Black community.

"So yes, Barack knew that he couldn't afford a scandal.  I mean, he wore a tan suit and got criticized," she replied.

Perhaps she forgot Operation Fast and Furious, the attack on the Benghazi embassy that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others, the IRS targeting conservatives and political opponents, the targeting of candidate Donald Trump, and myriad other scandals when Obama was president.

But Democrats and their P.R. agents such as Gayle King, who masquerade as journalists, never allow fact to interrupt their narrative.

Michelle has also mastered the art of playing the victim while being wealthy and powerful.  If questioned or challenged, she is quick to play the race card.  But beyond using her race to escape scrutiny, she had very little use for people of her race.  So let's return back to Michelle Obama's gun access statement.

Michelle Obama probably forgot that her husband was in the White House for eight years and did nothing about it.  That is the first reason why she should remain quiet on gun issues.

Michelle Obama probably forgot that since the day her husband announced he was running for president, on February 10, 2007, the Obamas have received protection from armed bodyguards wherever they go and will continue receiving protection for the rest of their lives.

If Michelle Obama thinks access to firearms is wrong, she could begin by abandoning all her security.  But that will never, ever happen.  This is the second reason why she should remain silent on gun issues.

There have been myriad instances where guns actually saved lives.  In Alabama, a man used his concealed handgun to stop a mass shooting in a McDonald's.  In Kentucky, a man was able to use his gun to stop a gunman outside a Kroger ssupermarket.  A Texan man fired several rounds from his AK-47 while fighting off five home invaders this year.  A Floridian used his AR-15 to fire 30 rounds while fighting off seven intruders.

This is the third reason why Michelle Obama should remain quiet about gun issues.

A petite woman chased three burglars out of her Maryland home not by firing, but simply by loading a round into the chamber of her AR-15.  The crooks ran for their lives when they heard the distinctive sound of a firearm being loaded.  The woman from Maryland was probably not wealthy or politically connected like Michelle Obama such that she could afford armed personal bodyguards.

For this woman, firearms are the only way she could defend herself and her family against burglars, thugs, and home invaders.  In the absence of firearms, which are tools for self-defense, she would be at the mercy of the police, who will obviously take time to arrive on the scene, by which time serious damage could be done.  The other scenario is that there may not be sufficient law enforcement officials available simply because Michelle Obama's party has been actively pushing for defunding the police in areas where regular citizens live.

Guns are the only easy and affordable means for self-defense for regular people, especially those living in states that have a catastrophic record on law and order due to liberal judges and the government being lenient with hardcore criminals.

Since Michelle Obama cannot be there to protect these regular citizens and certainly won't lend her personal bodyguards to protect regular citizens, she has no legitimacy whatsoever to talk about what rights regular people should have.  This is the fourth reason why she must remain silent forever on gun issues.

The truth is that "elitist" Democrats such as Michelle Obama not only look down upon, but have boundless disdain for regular people, especially those who live in red states, which they refer to as flyover country, who they know are gun owners.

These sanctimonious Democrats assume that their lives are more valuable and more important than regular citizens', especially those who do not vote for them.

When they demand gun control, they want it to apply to the hoi polloi, while they and their loved ones remain protected by armed bodyguards.

They want to deny citizens the right to affordable means of self-defense just because some are abusing that right.

In the end, self-defense, the preservation of one's being and that of one's loved ones, is a human right.

A human right is an inherent right; it prevails by virtue of your existence, and it wasn't granted by the government or any political party.  Since they didn't give it to you, they cannot take it away from you.  That is the fifth reason that Michelle Obama should stop agitating against the Bill of Rights.

Democrats such as Michelle Obama who love to lament access to firearms are being exceedingly insensitive and exceptionally uncaring about the lives of regular citizens who are in peril due to their misgovernance.

Photo credit: YouTube screen grab.

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