Fetterman returns to Senate duties and proves himself totally incapable of discharging them

Senator John Fetterman deserves our compassion for his struggles with the after-effects of his stroke.  But compassion is not a sufficient basis for keeping a seat in the United States Senate in the hands of someone incapable of discharging the duties thereof.  As Senator Fetterman demonstrated in his return to duties after five weeks of hospitalization for depression:

Even if the senator's disability is limited to audio processing as claimed, how can a representative of the people of Pennsylvania function effectively with this disability?  He can't listen to constituents or debate in what is called "the world's greatest deliberative body" without a trace of irony.

I am angry that the Democrats and the senator's wife put him in this position.  He should be, but isn't, angry, too.

Rand Paul is a good man, and a dedicated physician.  He has compassion for his colleague:

But what about compassion for the people of Pennsylvania?  I suppose the response is that they voted for him even when his disability was obvious.  Perhaps so, but thanks to the vast changes on voting — essentially eliminating Election Day in favor of universal absentee voting — many who voted for him had no exposure to his debate performance or other indications of his real health.  

Democrats can't wait to be rid of Dianne Feinstein, who is also incapable of performing her duties.  They know that in California, her replacement will be farther to the left.  There is no such guarantee in Pennsylvania, where Democrat Governor Josh Shapiro would appoint a replacement who would then run in 2024 for the remainder of Fetterman's term.  In what could be a bad year for Democrats, the GOP could pick up the seat.

Speaking of compassion, keep your eyes on the young man sitting behind and to the left of Fetterman, as he seems to be helplessly trying to telepathically will the senator into coherence.

Twitter video screen grab.

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