Fallout from Biden's Afghanistan pullout fiasco spreads to terrorist threats against the US

Joe Biden's Afghanistan pullout is the gift that keeps on giving, for the Taliban and its global terrorist allies.

According to a disturbing report in the Washington Post:

Less than two years after President Biden withdrew U.S. personnel from Afghanistan, the country has become a significant coordination site for the Islamic State as the terrorist group plans attacks across Europe and Asia, and conducts "aspirational plotting" against the United States, according to a classified Pentagon assessment that portrays the threat as a growing security concern.

The attack planning, detailed in U.S. intelligence findings leaked on the Discord messaging platform and obtained by The Washington Post, reveal specific efforts to target embassies, churches, business centers and the FIFA World Cup soccer tournament, which drew more than 2 million spectators last summer in Qatar. Pentagon officials were aware in December of nine such plots coordinated by ISIS leaders in Afghanistan, and the number rose to 15 by February, says the assessment, which has not been disclosed previously.

It appears the threats are multiplying.

So much for the Taliban's pledge to "fight terrorism," solemnly delivered to Joe Biden after the terrorist hordes poured into the capital, on the heels of Biden's chaotic exit in August 2021.

According to Foreign Affairs, they have stepped up their slaughter of opponents, such as U.S.-trained military men and other U.S. collaborators, whom they call "terrorists," and "the bodies are piling up."  That was what the Taliban meant by fighting terrorism, and Joe Biden bought the whole line and called his operation a success.

Not only was the pullout a monstrous failure, but the meaning inherent in it is beyond demoralizing.  The U.S. spent 20 years fighting terrorism in that hellhole, only now to see the place returned to its original terrorist roots, based on that hasty, disorganized exit.  Now it's a terrorist staging ground, and with Biden in the saddle, we're left to wait for their next heinous deed.

Beyond the pullout, one can't help but feel that Joe Biden's failed handling of everything else has created a wonderland for these malevolent characters ensconced in Afghanistan, particularly ISIS, which has been "developing a cost-effective model for external operations that relies on resources from outside Afghanistan, operatives in target countries, and extensive facilitation networks," according to the leaked documents.

That might explain why they've now started targeting churches, for one thing.  Already leftists and Satanists have been targeting churches for attacks, first during the George Floyd unrest, and then when Roe v. Wade was overturned, with virtually no consequences.  What's one more terror attack on a church now that word is out that Joe Biden doesn't investigate those?  CatholicVote.org reports 278 attacks on Catholic churches since 2020, and that doesn't count Protestant churches, nor synagogues, which have also been targets for record numbers of attacks.  Very few of the perpetrators are ever captured.

Meanwhile, ISIS has polished its operation by maintaining operatives in target countries, too.  

That, once again, brings us back to Joe Biden.

Start with Biden's abandonment of billions of dollars of U.S. weapons into the hands of the Taliban.  Might terrorists find that materiel useful?  The question answers itself.

And how many of those 120,000 people evacuated from Afghanistan and released into the U.S. were vetted?  The news stories were brimming with stories of migrants getting on those planes as real allies were left behind, and huge numbers of them somehow not having any identification, while other news stories reported huge flaws in the existing system of vetting. 

That's hardly all. How's that open border going, Joe? ISIS and the Taliban can read the news same as anyone else.  They know that the border is open.  Some 600,000 "gotaways" crossed the border during Joe Biden's administration, something they didn't need to do, given that Biden has been releasing them into the country on "parole" and offering a host of benefits to them.  Why would someone avoid that and cross into the country undetected instead?  The U.S. Customs and Border Patrol reports that 193 people on the terrorist watchlist have been apprehended at the border on Biden's watch. 

According to The Hill:

The Border Patrol apprehended 11 illegal border crossers who were on the watchlist during the four years of the previous administration. That number rose to 15 in fiscal 2021, which was the first fiscal year of the current administration. It reached 98 in 2022, and it has reached 80 already in the first months of fiscal 2023.  

For ISIS, it's all about having assets in place, as the leaked documents indicate.

What's disturbing here is that now we know that they know this and they've known it, yet nothing ever changes in Biden's long string of terrorism-inviting terror.

He's resolute about keeping the border open, despite the danger it poses to migrants, both in the incentives to take a dangerous trip and in the live possibility of becoming a part of the new slave labor rackets, including child slave labor rackets, that are re-emerging in this country.

He's ignored the church attacks for years and always gotten away with it. 

He knows, and now we know that he knows, that terrorists are coming in to take advantage of those weaknesses — and he's still doing nothing.

The Washington Post quotes officials of the Biden administration as being dismissive of the stepped up terror threats and plots as something that ebbs and flows (kind of like the current migration waves being "seasonal," it seems) and therefore nothing to be unduly alarmed about.

Those are nice words, all right — until something happens.  And it takes only a few slip-ups for catastrophic things to happen with terrorism.  Feel safer now?

Image:  Screen shot from NBC News video via YouTube.

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