Chicoms cry crocodile tears at shutdown of their illegal 'police station' in New York

I don't know where you find bigger hypocrites on the world stage than China's communist masters.

Caught red-handed by the FBI running literally an illegal government police station in south Manhattan, they spouted out their umbrage as their miscreants were raided, shut down, and hauled off.

According to the Bangkok Post:

China said on Tuesday that "political manipulation" was behind the arrests of two men the United States accused of setting up an unauthorised Chinese police station in New York. 

Authorities in the city also charged dozens of Chinese security officials in connection with what they said was a campaign to monitor and harass US-based dissidents.

"China firmly opposes the US side's slandering, smearing, engaging in political manipulation, and maliciously concocting the so-called transnational repression narrative," foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin told reporters in Beijing. 

"We urge the US to immediately reflect on itself, abandon Cold War thinking and ideological biases, immediately stop related erroneous practices, stop political manipulation, and stop smear attacks against China," he added.

Had enough?  Well, there's more. Reuters has another official statement:

BEIJING, April 18 (Reuters) - China foreign ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin on Tuesday disputed U.S. claims of a Chinese "secret police station" in New York.

China maintains a policy of non-interference in other countries and these alleged police stations do not exist, Wang told a regular news briefing.

Are these jackasses or what?  Is there even a hint of truth in anything this shill spouts?  You thought Baghdad Bob or Jen Psaki was out of the world of reality; get a load of this guy.

The details are very ugly as regards what these Chicoms, fresh from their balloon incident, where they were caught spying on U.S. military installations, were up to.  They set up what were essentially NKVD operations to hunt down Chinese dissidents here on legitimate asylum in the U.S. in order to force them back to the communist hellhole they'd fled, apparently with quite a bit of success in some incidences.  This, on top of all the spying they already do in the U.S. through TikTok and other technology, along with all their boosters here trying to implement their social credit system.

According to Safeguard Defenders, which keeps tabs on this slimy secret-police operation:

That's a violation of U.S. sovereignty unlike anything ever seen in the U.S. short of an act of war, an amazingly brazen act that, if left unchecked, would obviously lead to similar goon-style oppression on American citizens — first the Chinese-Americans, and then pretty much anyone in the States.

It's shocking that they've gotten away with this crap since 2016, and apparently have several of these illegal "police stations" still operating in the U.S., and around the world, some of them, as Safeguard Defenders notes, by the permission of the sovereign governments who should know better.  Italy, of all places, is one, and like France, its economy is ferociously tied to China's based on its designer clothing industries.  In the U.S., every person involved in these operations needs to be in jail.

The hypocrisy of China isn't just present in its laughable denials of any untoward activity, which stinks enough.  It's also in the loud and noisy claims to being all in favor of national sovereignty, being great respecters and proponents of it. 

Based on this 2019 report from The Diplomat, they have been hypocrites about such claims for a long time:

The foundational doctrine of Chinese foreign policy is a set of guidelines called the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence, which then-Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai and Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru proclaimed in April 1954. First among those principles is "mutual respect for each other's territorial integrity and sovereignty." Throughout the history of the People's Republic, safeguarding sovereignty has equated to protecting the Communist regime. For instance, Beijing justified the 1989 massacre of protesters gathered in Tiananmen Square as its sovereign right. As Deng Xiaoping told his fellow Politburo members two days before the crackdown, "Some Western countries use things like 'human rights,' or like saying the socialist system is irrational or illegal, to criticize us, but what they're really after is our sovereignty." More recently, Beijing has cited sovereign rights to counter criticism of its internment of an estimated one million Uyghurs.

China similarly levied a sovereignty-focused critique of post-Cold War U.S. foreign policy, opposing democracy promotion and all but the narrowest forms of humanitarian intervention. China's emphasis on sovereignty extends to the cyber domain, where Beijing's official strategy for cooperation in cyberspace calls for "international cyberspace order on the basis of state sovereignty." Chinese President Xi Jinping, who has steered China on a more assertive course, reaffirmed in a 2014 speech marking the 60th anniversary of the Five Principles that "[s]overeignty is the most important feature of any independent state as well as the embodiment and safeguard of its national interests."

Now they've stepped things up with spy balloons and now police stations, proving quite persuasively that they are a predator-state, not a respecter of anyone's sovereignty other than their own and not even that, given their destruction of Chinese heritage and the Chinese family — just the sovereignty of their own power.

While the raid in the States by the FBI was welcome and necessary, it's sad that in the U.S., we are stuck with Joe Biden, a fraudulently elected president who appears to have been compromised by China in his family's corrupt business dealings.  The Chicoms would know all about that and know that Joe's compromised.  That may be at the root of why they are stepping up their brazenly intrusive activity in the U.S. and blandly denying that anything is amiss.  Everyone can see what's going on here: a sleazy, lying, shameless superpower with global ambitions that, like any bully, acts wounded and whimpery when it gets a punch in the nose.

Let's see more of this — starting with the busts and shut-downs of every last illegal police station in the States, the mass expulsion of Chicom diplomats involved, and other means of punishment.  The U.S. should be first to hold hypocritical China up to global scorn.

Image: Screen shot from ABC News video via YouTube.

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