Bud Light's VP of marketing explains her strategy

Alissa Heinerscheid, the vice president of marketing for the Bud Light brand, part of the Belgian InBev global brewing empire, is featured in a Twitter video (hat tip: Steven Hayward of Powerline) explaining her approach to convincing enough customers to drink her product.  Although the hiring of Dylan Mulvaney as a spokesfigure (is that really a word?) is not mentioned, the move is implicitly part of the strategy she outlines, which is, in essence, to forget about the existing customers, who are "fratty and out of touch," and instead acquire new, younger customers, presumably the products of the indoctrination factories we call public schools and universities.

Ms. Heinerscheid is highly conversant in the shibboleths of marketers, but you don't need an MBA to detect the contempt that she has for her existing customers.  I wonder how often she has engaged with them over beers at taverns.  My guess is that she has spent more time reading reports about them than actually connecting with them and even finding empathy, not to mention the key to getting them to buy more Bud Light.  This one-minute video is a landmark in the annals of marketing, where an executive essentially abandons her customers because they are old and not cool.

Photo credit: Twitter video screen grab.

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