Big-name Democrats larded up with campaign donations from now-busted Chinese police station operatives


Earlier this week, the FBI busted a secret Chinese police station in lower Manhattan, one of at least six China's government brazenly operates on U.S. soil, arresting two Americans running it as foreign agents. The Chicoms put these illegal operations up, claiming they were just helpful government offices for Chinese nationals renew their drivers' licenses. In reality, they were Orwellian secret police outfits whose purpose was to hunt down and terrify dissidents who'd fled China, letting them know that there's no getting away from the long arm of the communist dictatorship.

Rather than keep the operation discreet, two of the men running it were out there in the social swing of things, palsy-walsy with the city's Democrat elite, posing for pictures with top pols such as Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Mayor Eric Adams, and donating more than $32,000 in campaign contributions to leading Democrats' election coffers.



According to the New York Daily News:

A Bronx man facing federal charges for allegedly running a secret Chinese government “police station” in Manhattan has together with his brother in recent years donated more than $30,000 to New York politicians, including Mayor Adams and Gov. Hochul, according to a Daily News review of campaign finance records.

In addition to Hochul and Adams, Democratic members of the state Legislature and the New York City Council are among the beneficiaries of the political spending spree from the brothers, Lu Jianwang and Lu Jianshun, records show.

So one moment it was posing for pictures with smiling Chuck Schumer, another moment it was text-messaging with the Chinese government on where to find that dissident in Los Angeles the Chicoms wanted back and intimidating that man to go back to China or his remaining family would get it. What a life that was.

The characters here have largely been charged or brought to justice -- the brother of Harry Lu, James Lu, who donated a lot to Democrats on behalf of the police station, otherwise known as the ChangLe Association wasn't charged, signaling that the investigators didn't have enough on him to convict him in a trial, but he was listed as one of seven 'principals' of the center in the court papers, the Daily News reported. One possible reason for that was that the brothers deleted their cell phone text records when they found out they were under investigation, the Daily News reported.

Fine and dandy. But the question remains was what was going on with those donations to Democrats.

Were they seeking on behalf of their Chinese masters to influence U.S. foreign policy, particularly towards China? Seems a Chinese covert op such as the police station-cum-community center might be useful for that purpose particularly as a political donor.

Or were they a camel's nose under the tent for infiltrating the entire U.S. government, through the police station's recommendations? We know that's been done in the past by the Chicoms, whose alleged agent, Fang Fang, recommended staffers for Rep. Eric Swalwell's congressional office where he sat on the House intelligence committtee, and incidentally was sleeping with the woman. We know they infiltrated Sen. Dianne Feinstein's office for years.

 Or were they buying protection, given that these stations have been around for awhile, and only the reporting of an NGO called 'Safeguard Defenders' seems to be the impetus for bureau to act, in the case involving the arrests.

Democrats now are scrambling to return the donations, but the barn door's open. The Chinese not only focused on hunting dissidents, they sought out Democrats, and gave them money to seal a gentleman's agreement with them.

That ought to be a law enforcement issue if not a campaign issue for Republicans. What were the Chinese buying from these Democrats, and why did they get away with it for so long?

Image: Screen shot from LiveNOW from FOX video, via YouTube.



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