Biden's new immigration plan: Letting them all in -- without the border photos

Want to apply for asylum in the U.S., but don't want the hassle and expense of a costly border crossing?

No worries, Joe Biden will accommodate. He's bringing the asylum applications to the migrants. No need to travel. Get your asylum application in, in the convenience of your own country and step right into the states on "parole" to await several years for its adjudication, complete with welcome packets telling of all the "free" U.S.-taxpayer paid social services you can get.

According to Politico:

The Biden administration on Thursday announced plans to establish immigration processing centers throughout Latin America to help slow down the number of migrants coming to the U.S.

The regional processing centers in Guatemala and Colombia should be up and running in the coming weeks, senior administration officials told reporters on a press call previewing the announcement. The officials said additional details will be announced in the coming weeks about how many centers they will set up as they negotiate with additional countries. A memo obtained by POLITICO suggested that other hubs could be in Ecuador and eventually Costa Rica.

The U.S. will screen migrants at these centers and determine if they qualify for entry before the migrants can try to move on to the U.S. southern border. If eligible, migrants will be referred for refugee resettlement or other lawful pathways such as parole programs, family reunification or existing labor pathways. Migrants will also receive local information about host countries and available social services.

Obviously, this is Joe Biden's response to his lifting of Title 42 restrictions on May 11, which permit immediate expulsion of illegally crossing migrants based on pandemic concerns. Migrants know this and are massing on the U.S. border already, marching in without authorization, each bearing the open-sesame word "asylum," and in an election year, Biden is very determined to see that there is no politically inconvenient film footage surrounding his effectively open border policy. With this plan, he avoids the public relations nightmare but nevertheless lets all comers in.

In the past, refugees were processed in a third country, and asylum claims could only be made from the first safe country of refuge. Now with Joe Biden bringing the asylum to them, no need to worry about a first safe country of refuge; the world's migrants are free to country-shop for the best deal, some of them having already been granted asylum in Brazil, Chile, and other places, but would prefer to get into the states, based on its better benefit packages and economic opportunity, which is not what asylum is for.

It shows the extent to which Biden has twisted asylum law from admission for those rare defectors who have escaped from their governments for challenging their tyrannies, to a full blown poverty importation program, made a mockery of by the migrants themselves, with their plans to fly back and forth to the country they supposedly fled in terror from, and their inclination to move into ethnic neighborhoods in the states that are just as dangerous or more dangerous than ones they supposedly fled. There's also the flag-waving we see in a lot of them, waving the flags of the countries they desperately don't want to be sent back to, which rounds out the mockery that Joe Biden has made of his new mass-asylum system.

As for actual legal immigrants, waiting in line, paying the thousands in fees, while "asylum-seekers" get in for free, it's likely to make them feel they've been had.

Now Joe is industrializing phony asylum claims and illegal migration, creating a migrant conveyor belt that pretty much anyone can apply to, allowing them to be let into the U.S. on catch and release "parole" instead of the legally required detention as they await an activist known as an "asylum officer"'s word that their asylum application is accepted, making it easier than it ever for illiterate shantytown dwellers with zero social capital and very little to contribute to the U.S. except for that highly valued Democrat vote, to get in, same as if they'd crossed the open border. Everyone who would have been "illegal" would now have "papers" and the NGOs who service these people in getting their asylum claims through will call it a legal process.

Never mind the gross distortion of the law.

Known illegal border crossings number about five million since Joe Biden's administration, and the number of "gotaways" who are often criminals and terrorists or victims of child slavery rackets and human traffickers, is around 1,600,000, although the true number is not actually known.

If that number looks big, wait till Joe's migrant conveyor belt, conveniently scattered around the hemisphere, in places reporters don't go to, such as Ecuador, gets going.

Image: Twitter screen shot


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