Biden's 'environmental justice' is a cheap façade

Joe Biden claims he cares so much about communities and the people, but he has never cared about the people in East Palestine, Ohio. 

Maybe the IRS should concentrate on collecting taxes instead of pretending they can control temperatures.  

Maybe the Justice Dept. should concentrate on criminals, like the Bidens, instead of pretending they can control droughts. 

Maybe bank regulators should concentrate on the safety and soundness of banks instead of on social justice and pretending they can determine someone's carbon footprint. 

Maybe the DHS should concentrate on securing the border instead of acting as though it can control sea levels. 

Maybe the military should concentrate on keeping America safe from China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea instead of pretending it can control the weather. 

Anyone who believes that politicians and bureaucrats can design policies or predict temperatures and other climate patterns twenty or one hundred years out, knowing how far off previous dire predictions are, has lost his ability to think and certainly has no common sense.

China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Venezuela, and most countries care as much about their carbon footprint as Biden, Obama, Kerry, Gates, and Bloomberg as they fly in their private jets and live in multiple mansions. 

Can anyone imagine the answers from Mayor Pete, Biden, Harris, Obama, Gore, and John Kerry if they were asked for scientific data showing the relationship between gas-powered cars and temperatures?  It would be sad and humorous.  They would stammer incomprehensibly. 

It is sad that the young have been indoctrinated with this scam for so long that they don't want children and are so depressed.  Why wouldn't they be depressed and suicidal when they have been repeatedly told that we have only a few years to live?

The media and other Democrats should be embarrassed that they care so little about facts and science.  Heck, they can't define what women are, yet we are supposed to believe they can control the climate, with all its variables, forever.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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