Biden is the most amoral president in US history

The president pretends to be Catholic but clearly does not live by Catholic tenets.  He supports abortion up until the moment of birth.  This past week, he sent a cease-and-desist letter to the priests who have been ministering to Catholic patients at Walter Reed Hospital.  He intends to contract outside persons to provide Catholic ministry.  While V.P., he supported the persecution of the Little Sisters of the Poor for refusing to provide abortion services to their employees.  In short, he is about as Catholic and Christian as Nancy Pelosi, another faux Catholic, a classic elitist who has nothing but contempt for actual Catholics, actual Christians.

There are years of evidence, including from Biden's own daughter's diary, that Biden is a pedophile or at least has pedophilic tendencies.  He cannot keep his hands off young female children; he fondles and sniffs them.  Tara Reade's account of his molestation of her years ago is credible.  The man is pond scum. 

Whenever he speaks of his deceased son Beau, who died of a brain tumor, he blames his death on the burn pits of Iraq, where Beau served 2008–2009.  That could be true.  The military had long used burn pits to dispose of all manner of waste, much of it obviously toxic.  How does one explain, then, his total and complete lack of interest in the train derailment that subjected the citizens of East Palestine, Ohio to the consequences of a de facto burn pit?  He did not visit.  He barely mentioned it.  He did not send the hapless Buttigieg or his EPA head, Michael Regan, until shamed into it.  Neither of them acquitted themselves well.  Both of them made it clear they did not want to be there, nor did they have any sympathy for the victims who are very likely to suffer for decades as Beau Biden did.

Biden's open border is a human catastrophe of horrific proportions.  The day he was inaugurated, he opened our southern border to all comers, encouraging migrants from all over the world to sacrifice everything to make their way to the U.S.  Thousands of them die on the journey.  The women and children are raped and trafficked.

Meanwhile, the cartels have become richer than Bill Gates.  The cartels control both sides of the border with Biden's acquiescence.  Thousands of migrants are being bussed or flown into cities throughout America every day.  It's a massive operation to alter the demographics of the U.S.  It's part of the globalist plan.

The sadly mentally incapacitated Biden is a tool of the worst people on the planet: the Communist Party of China and the Machiavellian scoundrels of the WEF.  He has led us into WWIII; it has begun, which must be clear to every American paying attention.  Biden's weakness has reverberated throughout the world.  His thwarting of our energy independence, his absurd implementation of all the COVID restrictions that submarined the U.S. economy, and his vaccine mandates that have killed thousands will be his legacy. 

This president's obsession with LGBT issues, especially the transgenderism of children, proves his evil intent beyond all other issues.  Neither he nor Kamala Harris could be bothered to visit or even speak to the grief of the families of the victims of the Nashville murder of six people, three of them children.  Instead, they used the tragic event to boost support for transgendered persons, all of whom suffer from mental illness in one form or another.  Numerous school shootings have been committed by trans kids who suffer from gender dysphoria and almost always are on drugs, legal and illegal.  Both Harris and the White House spoke of their pride and support of the "trans community" and the "Tennessee Three," who mounted a nearly violent insurrection in their State House to ignominiously screech for gun control, as if taking guns away from good people would prevent such mass attacks.  They nearly always occur in gun-free zones.  These idiotic activists know this and do not care.  They seem to be determined that only criminals have guns, as they most assuredly will in a gun-free zone.

Joe Biden has been corrupt for all his years in Congress.  What is so maddening is that everyone in Congress, in the D.C. world of politics, has always known this.  They've all known he was rather dim, a racist (Strom Thurmond was his mentor), a plagiarist, and a consummate and compulsive liar.  The list of his oft repeated, provable lies is too long to put here, but he was at it again while in Ireland this week; he never "traveled 17K miles with Xi."  Clearly, he can't help himself; he has a serious pathological problem.

Biden is a dim bulb, and the people who engineered his installation as president surely knew that.  Whoever his handlers are, they committed many serious crimes, many breaches of the Constitution, to rig the election, secure in the knowledge that "they," whoever they are, would be running the show.  They surely knew that Biden is a schlump, an empty suit, a man without a moral core — a man they could manipulate, and manipulate him they certainly have.

There is more than enough proof that Biden is indebted to China; his family has been fabulously enriched by the CCP's purchase of his servility.  He is indebted to Ukraine as well but is repaying that nation's generosity by using the Ukrainian people as cannon fodder in his misguided proxy war against Putin.

Biden will go down in history as the most corrupt, the most nationally and globally disastrous, and the dumbest president in American history.  If we are to prevail as a constitutional republic, the American people had better wake up and fight for everything they cherish — family, freedom, and basic human and civil rights — or it will all be gone in the blink of an eye.  It began with Obama, and that crowd is determined to carry out its plan to transform America.  It's been remarkably successful to the detriment of us all. 

Caricature by Donkey HoteyCC BY 2.0 license.

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