Are we ever going to be able to walk back gender madness?

For a long time, I’ve believed that, when it comes to gender madness, reality will win. Today, I’m not so sure, and that’s because of the news from a Vermont elementary school. After all, as we know from the Middle Ages, a time that lost most of the engineering and other knowledge Ancient Rome had developed, and that took centuries to even begin recovering that information, knowledge once lost is inordinately difficult to recover.

To give a bit of perspective about lost knowledge, consider that the Romans built the Pantheon in Rome in the 2nd century A.D. To this day, it is still the world’s largest unreinforced concrete dome. Going into the Pantheon is a breathtaking experience. The knowledge that it took to build that dome then vanished for 13 centuries. It was only at the beginning of the 15th century that Filippo Brunelleschi figured out how to build a dome again, which he did with the Cathedral in Florence—and that was bricks, not concrete. It’s easy to lose knowledge; hard to regain it.

Image: AI’s disturbing take on the difference between male and female bodies by DALL-E.

And that gets us to a Vermont elementary school in 2023:

A Vermont elementary school says it will no longer use the words “male” or “female” when teaching fifth-grade students about puberty and human reproductive systems.

Families of students at Founders Memorial School received a letter on April 20 informing them of the changes to the science and health curriculum.

The changes reflect the district’s desire to use “gender inclusive language,” Principal Sara Jablonski wrote in the letter.

“In an effort to align our curriculum with our equity policy, teachers will be using gender inclusive language throughout this unit. With any differences, we strive to use ‘person-first’ language as best practice,” Jablonski wrote.

Instead of referring to a person as a “boy” or “male,” teachers will say “person who produces sperm.” Likewise, they will no longer say “girl” or “female” but “person who produces eggs.”

I don’t even know what to say anymore. A “person who produces sperm” is a man; a “person who produces eggs” is a woman. This is the same nonsense that sees academics and other people in the history field using the labored “enslaved person” instead of just “slave.” Or of course, switching from B.C. (Before Christ) and A.D. (Anno Domini, or the Year of Our Lord) to B.C.E. (Before Common Era) and C.E. (Common Era), all of which refer to the exact same dates, only removing any references to Christianity.

Other schools are doing the same, of course:

But this stupidity and denial of reality are everywhere, not just in schools. If you want to see something stomach-churning, watch how CBS, in a show called The Good Doctor, about a high-functioning autistic doctor, shows the autistic doctor getting schooled in the nuances of “gender identity” by all sorts of politically (and racially) correct characters:

In case you’re wondering, Freddie Highmore, who plays the high-functioning autistic doctor is not, in fact, a high-functioning autistic man. He’s an actor. However, “Sophie” Giannamore, who plays the so-called “transgender” patient, is, in fact, a boy whose parents allowed him to destroy his body with powerful hormones when he was only 11 so that he could chase the dream of being a stereotypical female. (I’ve always wondered whether these so-called “transgender women,” if they were in Scotland at a time when most men still wore kilts, would decide that they’re actually men or if they’d find a new stereotype to chase down.)

As Not The Bee says of the video, “this clip from a network TV show, The Good Doctor, shows us just how insane our entire culture has become.” Yes, it’s insane, but to a generation of young people, this is what normal looks like. Like people living in Europe in 1100 A.D., normal was that it was impossible to build domes, no matter what it looked like the Romans had done.

Will our young people, bombarded with this madness, become just as incapable of embracing the knowledge and reality of the past? Honestly, I truly don’t know anymore.

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