All of a sudden, Fetterman is back on the job in the Senate

As Democrats wrassle with what to do with incapacitated Sen. Dianne Feinstein, suddenly the comparably health-challenged Sen. John Fetterman of Pennsylvania, is well enough to come back to the office, wearing his shorts and hoodie.



According to Fox News:

Sen. John Fetterman, D-Pa., returned to the Senate Monday in a black hoodie and shorts, after a six-week stay in the hospital where he was treated for clinical depression.

As the senator entered the Capitol for one of the first times since taking office in January, he refused to take questions from the press. 

"It’s great to be back. Thank you," Fetterman reportedly said as he walked into the building.

Fetterman will chair his first subcommittee hearing days after returning from his weeks-long absence

GatewayPundit's Christine Laila had a less charitable take:

Democrat Senator John Fetterman (PA) on Monday returned to Capitol Hill looking disheveled and confused after a prolonged absence during which he received treatment for severe depression.

Fetterman, 53, spent two months at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center receiving treatment for clinical depression.

The dazed and confused Senator looked like a slob as he arrived to Capitol Hill.

This is the same guy who was supposedly sponsoring bills from a psych ward.

“It’s great to be back,” Fetterman told reporters at the Capitol.

Based on the pictures, does this look like a guy who's beaten depression? He's not exactly coming to work in triumph, all rested and ready, in his best work clothes ready to work.  And yes, based on his Twitter picture, he does have nice suits.





His face looks strained and mirthless. His physical gestures look forced and exaggerated. He appears to be someone who remains depressed, given his appearance, which signals he doesn't really care about either himself or the public he should be trying to persuade.

It's kind of sad, actually. 

The political backdrop appears to be what's driving this. Right now, Democrats have the long knives out for Sen. Dianne Feinstein, whose incapacitation owing to her advanced age has affected the Senate judiciary committee in its quest to confirm leftist judges. They can't do it while she's missing from the committee, based on the 50-50 tie in the Senate which is reflected in committee representation. That's a crisis for Democrats, who have sought to temporarily replace her, apparently with her consent as a compromise since she refuses to resign. It would all be fine, except that three Republicans have no intention of accommodating them. That puts the heat back onto Feinstein to get the heck out. What's more, the vultures are circling -- Rep. Katie Porter and Rep. Adam Schiff each are laying claim to Feinstein's seat even with her not out of it.

Feinstein is known as "Fetterman West" in Democrat circles, which pretty well tells us where this is going. Fetterman, too, is likely to be under intense pressure to either return to work and appear to be on the job, or get out, same as the matter with Feinstein is going. 

And suddenly, Fetterman is "well" and back on the job.

What this sounds like is the same disturbing political activity that Democrats have pulled on Fetterman in the recent past -- that when Fetterman, aged 53, was down with a stroke during the Pennsylvania Senate race last year against GOP candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz, he was asked to rest so that his damaged brain could recover from the devastating health crisis, and instead of doing that, which likely would have meant stepping down from the race, Fetterman campaigned for office, his staff saying all was fine and anyone questioning his ability to do his job was an 'able-ist.' That proved a sad disaster for Fetterman, who later learned that the brain damage he was suffering from as the result of the stroke, was now permanent brain damage, because he didn't follow doctor's orders. That would probably be enough to give anyone depression -- was the quest for power at the price of one's health really worth it? Fetterman, though, seems to have been an ornery type resistant to following medical advice: Prior to getting the stroke, he reportedly wasn't taking his preventative medicine, which might have been why he got the stroke.

So now we see what may be the same pattern all over again. He's obviously debilitated, he's obviously not well, and yet he's suddenly back on the job as if nothing ever happened. Either someone was forcing him into this or he's done it himself, or perhaps both. Whatever the case, it's cruel to see him back on the job before he seems to be really ready. It sounds like another cause for depression. Democrats seem comfortable about just letting him die, then, as he overexerts himself, but that's not how politics is supposed to work in this country. The pressure on Fetterman from Democrats looks positively ghoulish given what he's beem through.

Image: Twitter screen shot

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