Writer/essayist/educator/poet David Solway discusses Doctor Jill's doctoral thesis and Michelle's Princeton senior thesis

A couple of interesting bits to consider from David Solway:

1. Obama's administration persecuted Dinesh D'Souza, who made fun of Michelle's senior thesis, as did Christopher Hitchens, but we can't be critical of a self-serving, preachy, oppressed black female, can we?  Wouldn't you love to know her LSAT score, since she was admitted to Harvard Law and rotated through a couple of make-work jobs before losing her membership in the Bar?

2. Solway comments on the high quality of Mooochelle's recent writing.  He says, "Of course, books such as Becoming and The Light We Carry, which garnered multi-million dollar publisher's contracts, are very different from the earlier work."

C'mon, Mr. Solway — do you think Michelle doesn't have access to excellent ghostwriters, just like a commie and former weatherman named Bill Ayers, who was shown by Jack Cashill to be the ghost for Obama's fabulous fake autobiographical Dreams from My Father?

Here's Professor Solway's takedown of first lady "academic" papers.  

Warning: A Democrat party that could get Biden elected can certainly put Moochelle in the White House for another eight years of racialist, socialist, anti-American destruction.  Being the first "consort" would be right in Obama's wheelhouse.  Travel the world in Air Force One and meet with his allies in the commie and jihadi world. 

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