Wonder why most of the media aren't trusted?

Because most of the media continue to show how much they are in the tank for Joe Biden.  This week, Republicans have shown millions of dollars in transfers to the Biden family from China, and yet it doesn't make the nightly news.

Always remember these two big lies from Joe, where he says he has never made any money from a foreign source in his life.

"I have not taken a penny from any foreign source ever in my life," Biden said, pointing to 22 years of tax returns he has made public as proof.

Biden has long maintained he never discussed business with his son, other than telling him, "I hope you know what you're doing." Emails reportedly found on the laptop and other subsequent developments have cast new doubts on that claim, though.

Hunter got paid millions from a corrupt company in Ukraine for a no-show job, and the media and other Democrats didn't care. 

Joe bragged about extorting Ukraine with a billion dollars in taxpayer money if they didn't fire a prosecutor investigating the company that paid Hunter millions — and the media and other Democrats didn't care.

Not only did the media and other Democrats not care about the pure corruption and kickbacks from Ukraine, but Trump was also impeached for even asking about it.

The wife of a Moscow mayor pays Hunter $3 million, and the media and other Democrats don't care.

The Hunter laptop story shows that Hunter used some of his money to pay Dad's bills and that some deals involved giving 10% to the big guy.  Not only do the media, the Justice Department, and other Democrats not care about the story, but they and social media intentionally buried the story so the public wouldn't see it before the election.

Of course, the media and other Democrats investigated and were very concerned that foreign people paid to stay at Trump's hotels, but they don't care about pure kickbacks.  They never cared about the kickbacks and corruption of the Clintons, either.

And the same people who buried the story about the laptop and the kickbacks to Biden ran endless lies about Russian collusion with Trump despite no evidence.  The media pretend they care about facts, but what they care about is power for leftists.

I bet the public hasn't seen that more boxes of documents were found in a Boston office of Biden's lawyer because most of the media chose not to report it, because they didn't care and didn't want the public to know.

Nine boxes of documents linked to President Joe Biden were recovered in Boston by the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration at some point in recent months, according to a letter sent by the archives to lawmakers.

It is no wonder we have so much political corruption when the media are so biased.  They will create fictional stories to go after Republicans while burying true stories about Democrats.  It is absolutely pathetic!

And not once have they asked for scientific data to justify the destruction of companies that produce reasonably priced energy...because they don't care.

We have an absolutely corrupt and incompetent man as president who is actively destroying America with radical, extreme policies and massive taxpayer money to political supporters, and most of the media cheer about how great his policies are. 

Caricature by Donkey Hotey CC BY 2.0 license.

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