Without a hint of sarcasm, Biden puppet announces ‘natural immunity’ is unscientific

No matter how much evidence is shown to the Biden administration about the lies of Fauci and the CDC, the policies and talking points remain the same. How’s that for the “party of science”? Now, a Biden mouthpiece has announced “natural immunity [for COVID] is not something we believe in”. For one thing, science is not about beliefs, it is about evidence.

How many people in the military and elsewhere had their lives destroyed because they were fired because they wouldn’t take an experimental “vaccine” that doesn’t prevent the disease or spread of the disease?

How many seniors didn’t get tests and died alone because they were scared? How many children and grandchildren were depressed because they were told they would kill the elderly if they got them?

How many people, including government officials, still believe masks work despite the evidence that they do little or no good? It was obvious they didn’t because states that didn’t require the mask did as good or better at mitigating the spread of COVID than states that did.

How many people still believe that COVID easily spreads from surfaces even though that turned out to be untrue?

How many still believe that six feet of distancing was based on science?

When I was young, I had chickenpox, measles, and mumps; this prevented me from getting those diseases again. Our bodies were intelligently designed to create antibodies to prevent those diseases in the future. That is natural immunity and that is the science and the truth. That is not a mere belief.

Democrats also seem to have trouble defining the difference between men and women.

They demand that biological males be allowed to compete against women despite the clear advantages and dominance males have, thanks to physiological differences. 

They demand that “people with penises” be allowed in girls’ facilities because “gender is a social construct” — even as these “people with penises” expose themselves to the women and girls.

Democrats support the killing of children in the womb no matter how late in pregnancy or how viable the baby is. They even allow people to let a baby who has been born die without health care. Those policies have nothing to do with science. They degrade life. Somehow, a woman who has a baby at home and just lets it die will be charged with murder but letting a baby die at an abortion facility is perfectly okay. That is neither pro-science nor equal treatment under the law.

Democrats throughout the country encourage puberty blockers and castration for boys and girls to disrupt the scientific process where the body matures naturally. They call this “healthcare.” That is clearly dangerous.

Democrats continue to claim that the science is settled that humans, CO2, and our consumption of natural resources leads to global warming, and that this “warming” leads to more serious storms and rapidly rising CO2 levels. The problem is those are beliefs, not scientific facts. All previous computer-generated models and dire predictions have been wrong because they were not based on scientific data. They were essentially wild guesses. 

Biden, Kerry, Gore, and all the other climate cultists are very lucky that the media is all aboard and will never ask for scientific data to support the belief because they don’t care and probably know that there is no data. They just repeat the talking points to destroy industries that produce reasonably priced energy and thousands of other products that greatly improve our quality and length of life. 

Here is a helpful scientific hint about this winter. The fact that the East is warm this winter with little snow and the West is very cold this winter with record snow is scientific proof that humans, CO2, oil, coal, methane, and all the other things that we are told cause warming don’t. If these factors caused warming, it would warm everywhere. There wouldn’t be a line down the middle of a country.

Believing that natural immunity isn’t true and believing that we are causing warming is as factual as believing that Trump colluded with the Russians and believing that Biden was not involved with Hunter’s corruption. All those beliefs are just made up. They have nothing to do with facts.

Image: Free image, Pixabay license, no attribution required.

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