With Fauci hagiography, PBS's 'American Masters' turns from art to mindless politics

In Ben Bartee's blog post online, "Epic video: Informed black guy on DC street destroys Fauci to his face," his first line says, "I don't know how this clip slipped past me, but a video has resurfaced of Anthony Fauci and Washington, D.C. mayor Muriel Bowser canvassing the streets to encourage the urban population to get vaxxed."

This is not some "resurfaced" video; it is from the first-time tonight broadcast of PBS's multi-year program American Masters.  It's the top-most feature at their website.

American Masters previously had been solely devoted to programs about iconic musicians, dancers, writers, playwrights, and Hollywood actors.  Basic art.  Period.  Do a Google search for their name in connection with its program producers, WNET New York, and you'll see that the show has always been one about art.  Their own list of past programs confirms this.

This is an offensive effort by the partly taxpayer-funded PBS empire to elevate Dr. Fauci into some kind of "cultural" icon for us to admire, revere, and worship.  It's one more example of leftists having no self-awareness of how crazy their agendas have become.

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