When love congeals: Kamala Harris not returning Elizabeth Warren's phone calls

Once upon a time, Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren were the best of buddies, the gushiest of pals, Ginger and Maryann, Laverne and Shirley, Thelma and Louise, their very own two-phony mutual admirational society.

Now Harris isn't taking Warren's phone calls, according to CNN:

Elizabeth Warren has called twice to apologize. Over a month later, Kamala Harris hasn’t called back.

In a local Boston radio interview in late January, Warren was enthusiastic about President Joe Biden running for reelection but, asked if Biden should keep Harris as his running mate, she said, “I really want to defer to what makes Biden comfortable on his team.”

The incident and its aftermath, different details of which were described to CNN by multiple people close to the Massachusetts senator and people close to the vice president, has fed an ongoing breakdown of accusations and purported misunderstandings.

“Pretty insulting,” is how one person close to Harris described the feelings of many in the vice president’s office and in her wider orbit.

In other words, one of them found out what the other one was secretly thinking and well ... the video above.

Sistah Toldjah at RedState speculated that most likely, Warren was jealous of Harris for getting the vice president's slot instead of her, because she had been hankering to be the running mate of doddering Joe Biden, who could drop dead any minute, leaving the big prize to her.

Well, perhaps. 

But what's vivid here is that Harris and Warren, both Democrats famous for their fakeness, used to be extremely lovey-dovey for one another.

Back in 2017, Kamala Harris wrote the Elizabeth Warren blurb for Time magazine's 100 most influential people list, with gush like this:

During a Senate floor debate this year, Senator Elizabeth Warren read a letter from Martin Luther King Jr.'s widow Coretta Scott King. Minutes later, she was silenced mid­sentence by majority leader Mitch McConnell, under an obscure and rarely invoked Senate rule.

"She was warned," Senator McConnell said. "She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted."

Yes, she did. And it was just the latest example of this plainspoken daughter of the Plains standing up for the middle class and the marginalized.

I first met Elizabeth after the 2008 housing crisis, when we battled the big banks and mortgage lenders together. I witnessed a fierce and fearless fighter, the same progressive champion who oversaw the $700 billion bank rescue and fought to create a consumer-­protection agency. Today I'm honored to serve alongside her in the Senate.

Warren returned the favor, with lovey-dovey 'you go, girl' endorsements in 2020 like these:

She continues, "Also, Mike Pence spoke over Kamala repeatedly. My favorite moments were when Kamala would look at him and say very calmly, 'I am speaking.' I cheered every time she did that."


What are your memories of first meeting Senator Harris? I got to know Kamala on the phone. In the lead-up to the crash of 2008, Kamala was the attorney general for California and trying to protect California homeowners. I was the person clanging the bell about the housing bubble and how the giant banks were going to take down American families and our entire economy. Kamala and I started working together long-distance along with a lot of other attorneys general around the country. When I was thinking about running for Senate from Massachusetts, Kamala came to see me. We sat on my porch, and she gave me advice about running for office. Kamala told me about a lot of what I would encounter and gave me ideas and guidance on how to manage it. Then I tried to help her when she ran for senator. It's been a back and forth, woman to woman, helping each other as we moved into new roles. I'm delighted to be supporting her now for vice president of the United States. Woo-hoo!


In 2015, Warren couldn't do enough for Harris, raising money for her California counterpart when she made her first Senate run. According to Politico:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) endorsed California Senate candidate Kamala Harris Wednesday, calling the Democratic state attorney general a “smart, tough and experienced prosecutor who has consistently stood up to Wall Street.”

Warren gushed that Kamala had taught her how to be a candidate and run for office (one wonders what the 'sleep with Willie Brown' part of those conversations were like), but it looks like Warren did a lot to get Kamala her leg up, so to say, in national politics. Warren was the suitor, Kamala was the girl to be won.

Now Harris has forgotten all that and even as Warren begs to be forgiven for her lapse, which she insists was unintentional, now won't take Warren's phone calls.

Seems the negative stories out there about Kamala's staff turmoil, general incompetence, profound unlikeability, and focus on Instagram photo shoots has taken its toll, leaving Harris a Nixonian 'paranoid' type, with suspicions about even her closest supporters.

It calls to mind Lorenz Hart's famous poem:

When love congeals It soon reveals The faint aroma of performing seals, The double-crossing of a pair of heels. I wish I were in love again!

Which tells us a lot about why she doesn't seem to have much in the way of friends or allies. It's all about power now.

She's pulled up the drawbridge on the eager-beaver Warren; ghosted her, and moved on in confidence that the election will be sufficiently winnable and she is sure to come out on top from it.

What does she need Warren for? 

When you've got rigged elections, who needs friends?

Image: Screen shot from Ricki Stromm video, via YouTube


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