When it came to Tucker Carlson’s revelations about January 6, Democrats have come out swinging

On Monday, Tucker Carlson began to release his team’s findings about what was in the January 6 footage, challenging the Democrats’ talking points. He exposed several lies, which may explain why Democrats are panicking and doing everything they can to say that Tucker is the liar. Of course, they don’t want the public to see any footage to expose these alleged “lies.” Instead, they want a return to the status quo of Democrat politicians and media figures controlling the narrative.

Rajan Laad has summarized the many leftist lies Tucker exposed on Monday (with more revelations to come). Chief among them were lies about Jacob Chansley (the so-called QAnon Shaman), who wasn’t rampaging madly but had a compliant Capitol police escort through the building; Sen. Josh Hawley, who wasn’t a lone figure fleeing the mob but was the last in a line of running congresscritters hustled along by the Capitol Police; Brian Sicknick, who was vigorously walking around, helmet on head, long after Democrats claimed Trump supporters beat him to death; and Ray Epps, whose testimony to the Pelosi J6 Committee does not align with video footage.

Image: Chuck Schumer. C-SPAN screen grab.

Tucker promises more revelations of information that the Democrats and RINOs have kept secret for over two years. With luck, the still-untried J6 detainees, the currently named defendants, and those already convicted for J6 activities will have the chance to review the footage and (if they're shown merely to have walked around in the People’s house after others -- including the police -- opened the doors for them) be cleared of all charges. (That’s what Trump is demanding.) Remember when America was young, it was understood that government buildings belong to the people, not the politicians.

Democrats and RINOs are terrified of a counternarrative. Although the New York Times disdained even to report on Tucker Carlson, other leftist media outlets and politicians were not above the fray. Chief among them was the Washington Post, which published four articles attacking Tucker’s report, three of which I haven’t read because they’re behind a paywall.

CNN also went into overdrive to counter its having lost control of the narrative:

  • Tucker Carlson, with help from Kevin McCarthy, tries to sanitize the very real violence of the January 6 attack—The reliable establishment flunky, Oliver Darcy, took umbrage that Tucker exposed the lies about Jacob Chansley, Brian Sicknick, Josh Hawley, and Ray Epps, contending that exposing the lies was itself a lie. From there, he just bashes McCarthy for ceasing to be a good GOP foot soldier.
  • What to know about the Tucker Carlson January 6 footage—Here’s the short version of the article: (a) Tucker Carlson didn’t run everything by the Capitol Police; (b) Jacob Chansley ignored a request to leave the building; (c) just because Brian Sicknick looked vigorous didn’t mean that it wasn’t unpleasant earlier to be sprayed with pepper spray; and (d) Democrats and RINOs on the hill are mad at Tucker.
  • US Capitol Police chief rips into Tucker Carlson over ‘offensive’ use of January 6 footage—as the headline says, US Capitol Police Chief Tom Manger claims that Tucker, who had 30 minutes in which to present a distillation of over 41,000 hours of video, “cherry-picked.” Here’s what I can say: Whether it’s Democrats or Tucker Carlson cherry-picking that video, both the video and Capitol Police testimony revealed a sorry bunch of sniveling, useless people—although, in their defense, as Tucker points out, Pelosi and McConnell made sure the police were understaffed on January 6, which seemed to have driven many either to ineffectiveness or panicked brutality.

The shrillest and most dangerous attack on Tucker, though, comes from Sen. Chuck Schumer, who was absolutely beside himself that the American people got the chance to see something other than the official Democrat narrative about January 6:

Schumer’s hysteria boils down to this: How dare Tucker respond to the official Democrat cherry-picking with a counternarrative? Schumer wrapped up by insisting that Fox News silence Tucker—in other words, he’s trying to get around the First Amendment prohibition on government censorship by insisting that a third party do so on his behalf.

As for me, I remain committed to the idea that all the January 6 footage should be put online for crowdsourcing. Only in that way can we be assured that we know the whole truth and nothing but the truth. It’s telling that the American public (almost 80% of it) likes that idea, while everyone in the establishment—media, Democrats, GOP Republicans—finds the idea abhorrent.

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