What the heck is going on in Europe?

During four days on the road driving to and from New Orleans, in addition to Matt Walsh, Michael Knowles, and other conservative podcasts, we listened to a Matt Graves podcast entitled “Le Monstre,” about a Belgian psychopath who kidnapped six girls, killing four. The case exposed the rot in Belgium’s equivalent of the FBI but, most strikingly, it suggested a pedophile trafficking ring that Belgium authorities wanted to cover up. I was already going to recommend the podcast, but I’ll now augment it with a crazy and, it’s possible, entirely false series of accusations out of France, also allegedly involving high-level pedophiles.https://www.americanthinker.com/images/bucket/2023-03/244784_5_.jpg

Forbes summarized the Le Monstre podcast, which came out last year:

In June of 1995, two eight-year-old Belgian girls, Julie Lejeune and Mélissa Russo, disappeared while playing in their neighborhood of Liège. Their kidnapping and murders were eventually linked to the serial killer, pedophile and kidnapper Marc Dutroux, who later became known as “Le Monstre.” Dutroux and his accomplices were responsible for the abduction and murder of multiple young women in Belgium. The lack of action from local and Federal authorities in Belgium created a sense of mistrust and formed conspiracy theories as to why certain DNA evidence was never fully explored. After Dutroux’s arrest, 400,000 Belgians took to the streets in a protest which ultimately reformed the country’s justice system.

Graves does a wonderful job of exploring all the details. It’s clear that he believes that, as in England with Jimmy Saville, there’s a high-level pedophile trafficking ring in Belgium. Also, it appears that the Belgium Gendarmerie was either hopelessly inept or, like the FBI, working to cover up a pedophile problem in Belgium. Frankly, if it weren’t for revelations about Jeffrey Epstein and Jimmy Saville, I might have been inclined to think that was a crazy conspiracy theory, but now—well, it strikes me as entirely possible.

Image: Pierre Palmade by Georges Biard. CC BY-SA 3.0.

All of which brings me to a strange story from France that The Vigilant Citizen caught. There are two big caveats before I begin. First, everything I’m about to relate is an unproven allegation. Second, the anonymous person behind The Vigilant Citizen has one perspective: The most powerful people across the west are all into devil worship and pedophilia (and s/he often brings some powerful receipts).

Years ago, I would have dismissed all this. Now we know, though, that some among the rich and powerful in America embrace pedophilia. Plus, we’ve learned that federal law enforcement exists to protect the powerful, not the people. Therefore, it’s all too easy to take seriously the following allegations.

Allegedly, in February, Pierre Palmade, a well-known French comedian, smashed into a car, leading to the death of a pregnant woman’s baby. It turned out that Palmade had young male prostitutes in the car and was hopped up on drugs. Soon after, people who knew Palmade said he enjoyed pedophilic porn, so he is now being investigated.

So far, fairly typical. It’s what happened on a popular French show called Touche Pas à Mon Poste (TPMP) that gets strange. One of the guests was Gérard Fauré, who self-identifies as someone who was a drug dealer to the stars in past years. Today, he makes his living publishing controversial books alleging that those same people, mostly politicians and entertainers, engaged in illegal activity: “The charges include massive consumption of drugs (mainly cocaine), sexual abuse, rape, pedophilia, child molestation, child trafficking, murders, and assassinations.” 

Anyway, when appearing on TPMP, Fauré alleged that he attended a party at Palmade’s house and that, along with drugs, Palmade had young boys and “adrenochrome” at the house. Adrenochrome comes from oxidized adrenaline and, according to many theories, especially from the now-defunct QANON, comes from children’s blood. The left characterizes this theory as a new antisemitic blood libel, which may be true. Certainly, the West has more than its fair share of antisemites.

Fauré accused several well-known people (and many, including the most prominent of them, are not Jewish) of being adrenochrome addicts and said they got the blood from children as part of a pedophile obsession. He included President Macron in the list. TPMP instantly shut him down. The entire French media, including TPMP itself, immediately disavowed Fauré’s words. The government will heavily fine TPMP, and politicians are talking about not renewing its license in 2025, effectively shutting it down.

Again, I don’t pretend to believe any of Palmade’s claims, and I don’t know anything about adrenochrome use or whether this is a modern antisemitic blood libel. What’s interesting is the pedophilia part, and that's because something bad is happening in the west: Epstein, Saville, the pornographic sexuality being pushed into schools via the medium of so-called “transgenderism,” the Balenciaga ad campaign, the possibility of a vast child trafficking ring in Belgium and, now, Palmade’s alleged porn collection and Fauré’s pedophile allegations all suggest that the child sacrifice part of pre-Biblical pagan religions may be making a comeback. This is what happens in a defiantly post-Christian world.

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