Utah kids told to eat bugs to save the earth and get class credit

What is it about Utah and school lunches? 

Back in 2014, one of their districts famously threw out children's school lunches in front of their faces based on their parents' unpaid lunch debt, wasting tons of food and humiliating the children.

 Nine years later, they're telling the kids to eat bugs.

To save the earth or whatever, and get extra class credit, though let's face it, the humiliation is the same.

According to Fox News:

middle school in Utah's Nebo School District gave sixth-grade students "disgusting" insects to eat last week as part of an English assignment on climate change, claiming it would save the environment from cows which were "killing the world," according to a mom who spoke with Fox News Digital. 

"Middle schoolers loved the 'ewww' factor, many of them gave bugs a try (and even a few staff members!). Many thanks to our English teachers for creating fun and engaging lessons," the Spring Canyon Middle school said about the March 7 assignment. 

Bugs were purchased from a commercial site that is "safe for consumption," the district said. 

The mother of one of the students – Amanda Wright – told Fox News she believed the kids were being subjected to "indoctrination" into a "dark climate change religion." She challenged the school's principal Alison Hansen on the assignment after her daughter found it uncomfortable.

Uncomfortable? How about repulsed?

People don't eat bugs. It's been that way since the dawn of time. That's food for ducks and snakes, not people food. There's a reason for it, too, explaining the 'willies' factor -- bugs frequently contain toxins, even those which are not poisonous, just merely filthy and disease-bearing, such as cockroaches. They are foul, disgusting, and repellent to humans,  because they are ... foul, disgusting and repellent. They're not health food. A few isolated cultures have historically eaten bugs or worms, but only because of prospect of starvation otherwise. They'd eat meat, legumes, and fish instead if shortages in nature's bounty were not the problem. Nobody eats bugs as their first food choice.

The kids' reaction was natural, and claims to the contrary about kids embracing it sound more than a little bogus.

More disturbing still, kids were told to eat the bug and then write an essay on why bug-eating is good for the planet.

The climate change assignment instructed sixth-graders to write an argumentative essay, but did not permit students to disagree. The only acceptable answer was that humans should eat insects for their protein instead of cows, which are destroying the Ozone layer with methane gas. 

Some students were given extra credit as an incentive to eat the insects. 

Write an argument in which there is only one side of the question? That's wokester politics in a nutshell. It's also outrageous, utterly hostile to the spirit of free inquiry.

Fox News put out a transcript of a video showing just how narrow-minded and wokesterly the teacher was in her answers to one skeptical kid:

"How come we can't state our opinion and write that we shouldn't be eating bugs?" she asked [teacher] Cutler.

"Because we don't have any evidence to support it," Cutler said. 

Seems we're heard that "because I said so" answer before, on COVID-19 vaccines, election fraud, and abortion. Now there's to be no dissent brooked on the question of eating bugs.

The girl's mother rightly pointed out that the teacher's inability to brook dissident signalled indoctrination over education, the wokester agenda in action.

Greenie fanatics, unable to sell bug to the public as a dinner choice, seem to be targeting little kids, in the same way groomers target kids in public schools to the transgender agenda. They want to catch them when they are young and impressionable so as to have them eating bugs for life.

What a sick world this is. Greens have unsuccessfully tried to sell us on all sorts of repulsive things to put into our bodies -- from various versions of soylent green, to "stewmaking" burials, to human compost burials, to recycling urine into drinking water to save the earth, to eating bugs. It's one disgusting thing after another, which these days even includes attempting to coax people into taking public transit. Not too long ago, a Utah official tried to encourage people to eat wild toads to save the environment. Utah teachers were also recently caught teaching CRT in schools behind the kids' parents' backs.

Now they're going after the kids, doing an amazing U-turn, from wasting food to coerce parents into paying their debts, to pressuring children into eatings starvation-fare bugs to ensure good grades.

The teacher has since tried to backtrack, but her zeal for bug-eating and refusal to brook dissent came from somewhere -- her establishment, her bosses, her watching of MSNBC. It doesn't belong in public schools. It's nothing more than the greenie agenda of grabbing more power by capturing the minds of the kids, brainwashing them into thinking bug-eating is virtuous.

It's lunacy and the parents are right to speak out.

Image: Pixabay / Pixabay License 


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