U.K. PM Rishi Sunak has some ideas about how to stop mass illegal immigration

Up until now, I've not been particularly impressed with the U.K.'s new prime minister, Rishi Sunak, who comes off as sort of a British version of a Mitt Romney-style corporate RINO, not a leftist, but certainly no Margaret Thatcher, either.

But he's come up with some surprises.

Here are his tweets on how he plans to disincentivize illegal immigration, a problem that's almost as bad over there as it is here:







Wow. Big powerful Twitter graphics, warning of real legal consequences, done by Sunak himself.

He's attacking the business model for illegal immigration, through disincentives to immigrate illegally, rather than just saying he's going to step up enforcement, or asking illegal migrants not to come, or using some of the other ineffective tools that thus far not had much effect, given the propensity of leftwing lawyers to get around the law and find loopholes, as well as the slatternly European Union system that makes illegal migration generally so easy for vast human smuggling cartels to take advantage of.

If he gets the bill through parliament, it should cut most illegal immigration into the country as migrants consider their options and either move on to other less law-based places, or else consider entering Britain the legal way, waiting their turn in line behind the law-abiding immigrants.

It's very strong medicine, but it should work in a way that Navy cleanup operations shouldn't and leftwing lawyers can't make end runs around. Make it the law to ban anyone migrating illegally into Britain to be explicitly excluded from ever claiming asylum there and maybe the human waves will stop.

While I have not had much chance to look closely at all the ins and outs of this, it's the first time I've seen effective measures proposed for halting illegal immigration and the vast cartels that benefit from the trade. I also am impressed that Sunak is taking the personal lead on this, making the big showy tweets himself.

It would be a good thing if Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Congress could get a clue here, focusing on the incentives in the West to migrate illegally, instead of issuing the "do not come" calls to would-be illegal migrants, who, contrary to what Joe Biden claims, generally do sit around their kitchen tables, and weigh their options.

Image: Twitter screen shot 

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