Tucker Carlson exposes the Democrat proclivity to exploit the disabled for power

An early portion of Tucker Carlson's monologue yesterday referred to the Democrat party leadership backing then-U.S. Senate candidate John Fetterman, despite knowing he had suffered a massive stroke which raised questions about his mental abilities.

The initial proof of Fetterman's problems was revealed during his interview with NBC News’s Dasha Burns. 

Burns revealed that Fetterman needed captioning technology to read the questions being asked, which meant that his comprehension skills were probably not entirely functional.

Burns’s factual reporting violated the Democrat agenda, so she was slammed for being an ‘ableist.’

During the debate, Fetterman’s utterances were often incomprehensible and disconnected from the questions posed by the moderators. 

But the Democrats and their PR wing, i.e., the news media, spun it as an inspiring story of a disabled man attempting to rise above his handicaps.

Tucker revealed that Fetterman's wife said she deals with her situation by merely ignoring her husband when he speaks. This was a rude statement by any standards, and particularly insensitive considering Fetterman’s condition.

But the Democrats didn’t seem to mind and Fetterman was elected.

Just weeks after being sworn in, Fetterman was hospitalized; he even checked himself into the hospital for "clinical depression” and has rarely been seen in public. His wife then took a recreational trip to Canada.

Tucker revealed that bizarrely and perhaps even illegally, Fetterman managed to co-sponsor legislation in the U.S. Senate: "U.S. Senators Bob Casey and John Fetterman of Pennsylvania," aimed at preventing future freight train derailments, like the one last month in East Palestine, Ohio." 

Casey himself was away from the Senate, recovering from surgery for prostate cancer. 

Clearly, the puppet-masters are running the show.

To be fair, this is how it usually happens - senators know the fundamentals of the bill while the staff works the details. But senators have to be present and fully functional, to seem like they are in charge and representing their voters in the Senate.

In Fetterman’s case, Tucker hypothesized that Fetterman's chief of staff,  Adam Jentleson, was the one pulling the strings. Jentleson blocked those on Twitter who dare to ask him the obvious question of how a bill could be co-sponsored by Fetterman when he remains hospitalized.

Next, Tucker mentioned Joe Biden, whose rapidly declining cognitive and mental abilities were obvious to all, including his primary challengers in 2020.

Yet the Democrats used big media to suppress news about Biden’s situation. Biden used COVID-19 as an excuse to refrain from making public appearances. 

Big Tech was coopted to suppress news of Hunter Biden’s laptop which exposed Biden’s shady dealing in Ukraine and his abuse of powers as vice president. Mark Zuckerberg spent $419 million to enable far-left activists to infiltrate sacrosanct electoral infrastructure and push for mail-in voting.

Mail voting, which compromises the confidentiality of the vote and makes it vulnerable to fraud, was made the norm using COVID-19 as a pretext. 

In the 2020 elections, 69% of voters cast their ballot either by mail and/or prior to Election Day and Biden was 'elected.'

Next, Tucker mentioned Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) who has been a U.S. Senator for over 30 years, a member of the Intelligence Committee in the United States Senate, and at 89, is the oldest member of Congress.

Last month, Feinstein learned that her staff took a very important decision without consulting with her. They announced her retirement from the Senate. Feinstein sounded baffled when notified about this development but eventually accepted her fate upon being told that the announcement had already been made.

Feinstein’s office recently released a statement that she was hospitalized due to shingles but expects to make a full recovery and return to the Senate later this month.

Tucker concluded with the following:

“A tolerant and compassionate society should do its best to help people suffering from problems like depression or schizophrenia or whatever. The problem is that a society that elevates people who are mentally ill is doomed.

“Wouldn't a functional society elevate people to positions of leadership who are the wisest, the smartest, the sanest, who have the greatest degree of foresight and emotional self-control?

"Yes, it would. They would not intentionally put people in positions of authority who were incompetent”

The question is why are the Democrats doing this?

We know that the Democrats are looking for various ways to push their deeply unpopular far-left policies.

The only way they can do that is to tamper with elections.

They open up the border to allow an uncontrolled influx of illegal aliens, hoping to give them voting rights that will drown the impact of voters in the Red States.

The media is their PR wing that brays Democrat talking points 24/7 and peddles relentless demonizing hoaxes against GOP challengers. Despite their lack of credibility, there is a section of the public that still trusts them.

The government agencies are politicized and compromised by the Democrats and are used to destroy opponents not just in active politics but citizens as well.

The Democrats have other ploys as well.

Prior to the elections, they amplify issues like abortion to cause panic among voters by giving them the impression that the GOP would have the Stasi knocking down their doors even at the mention of the word ‘abortion.’ If there is a mass shooting, the GOP is blamed.  If a person of color is killed by the police, once again the GOP is blamed. They also promise freebies such as paying off student loans.

Democrats know that voters are driven by emotion from these narratives and usually end up voting Democrat.

The Democrats also rig the elections by changing sacrosanct voting rules and ballot-counting practices, making elections vulnerable to fraud.

This enables the installation of a puppet in the highest office.

Once the puppet is in power, it is used to further weaken elections.

Last year Biden signed Executive Order 14019 that asked all 600 federal agencies to “consider ways to expand citizens’ opportunities to register to vote and to obtain information about, and participate in, the electoral process.” The Biden administration isn’t revealing the specifics of the order. Clearly, this is something very fishy.

Having puppets is very beneficial to the Democrats.

They know that even far-left Democrats may hesitate to vote in favor of extremist ideas such as coercing children into transgenderism. Some people fear how history will judge them.

But it is different with the likes of Biden, Fetterman, and Feinstein. 

They are probably in such a poor mental state that they are unable to perform elementary tasks. The idea of their legacy is the least of their concern. The Democrats use them as rubber stamps to push their far-left policies. They coopt close relatives who agree to this deal perhaps for power and pecuniary gains.

These puppets do as told; they vote yes for the green new deal or the open borders or dispatching billions in taxpayer funds to Ukraine without any accountability measures.

Even if these puppets are dislodged later, the changes they made are either permanent or have long-lasting impacts.

This is common practice in third-world totalitarian nations, but this must not happen in one of the world’s largest democracies and the only global superpower.

The Democrats are building their power on the grave of American democracy.

Image: Screen shot from GOP War Room NBC video, via YouTube.

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