Too funny: Resolution would inform the federales that the people have lost all their guns in a 'boating accident'

Texas rep. Bryan Slaton recently submitted a unique resolution — H.C.R. No. 54 — for consideration before his lawmaking colleagues.  The proposal would inform the federal government that his constituents have lost all their guns and ammunition in an unfortunate and regrettable "series of alleged boating accidents."

One of the more enjoyable aspects of fighting back against the fascist far left arises from the fact that they are unable to laugh at themselves or others, lest they "offend" someone.

Sure, they're always up to attack certain groups they consider to be the "enemy" — in other words, normal people.  But besides that, they have no sense of humor; that's where we can have fun with them, hitting them in their incessant crisis mode.

This means that their anti-freedom authoritarian ways are always open to mockery, especially when it comes to a running joke in the pro-freedom community.  Slaton's submission of H.C.R. No. 54 is a stand against the march toward exhaustive federal databases, which inevitably lead to confiscation — and he dialed the mockery up to eleven:

WHEREAS, The Texas Legislature respectfully notifies the federal government of a series of alleged boating accidents that occurred across Hunt, Hopkins, Van Zandt, and possibly other counties on January 10, 2023, which involved all private gun owners in these counties, and thankfully, allegedly resulted in no injury or loss of life; and

WHEREAS, Due to the series of alleged boating accidents, the Texas Legislature also wishes to notify the federal government of the alleged loss of all firearms, accessories, and ammunition owned by all private gun owners in the counties of Hunt, Hopkins, Van Zandt, and possibly other counties ...

RESOLVED, That the Texas House of Representatives and Senate submit the notification to the federal government, the current presidential administration, and any future administration that any attempt to buyback, confiscate, or register some or all firearms, accessories, and ammunition will not be possible or necessary in the counties of Hunt, Hopkins, Van Zandt, and possibly other counties due to this series of alleged boating accidents.

We have various T-shirtsmemes, and even lists of reasons why you no longer have your hardware, and Slaton's resolution means that the joke would now be written into state law.  It's such a part of popular culture that it was even mentioned in a science fiction movie a few years back.  What the left doesn't realize, though, is that someone could just sequester something away in a locked safe — just in case they want to get cute on that front.

That would fulfill those kinds of requirements for good measure.

We all know the established sequence from history: registration...confiscation...annihilation.  Anti-freedom authoritarians of the fascist far left can try to pretend all of this is about "safety," but we know the history, and we know the truth.  So when they start talking as they did ten years ago, remember: it's anchors away!

D Parker is an engineer, inventor, wordsmith, and student of history, the director of communications for a civil rights organization, and a long-time contributor to conservative websites.  Find him on Substack.

Image: Meme from an unknown creator via PewPewTactical.

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