The woke have a sadistic streak

Psychologists have now found good evidence for Sadistic Personality Disorder, a phenomenon that the rest of us could have told them about a long time ago.  Hitler set his audiences roaring with laughter at his favorite scapegoats, and Karl Marx, a ferocious hater, had nothing good to say about the French, the Jews, the Russians, all but the Prussians, because Marx was a Prussian militarist who turned his idealized state into a Communist Prussia.

Sadism occurs in politics when things get vicious.  It is an omen of violence to come.  In the U.S., the great practitioner of sadistic preaching is the Reverend Louis Farrakhan, and if you turn off the sound on your computer, you can see the ancient facial expression of laughter at darkness — the frown and the happy smile at the very same time.  I would guess that Farrakhan has practiced this in his mirror every morning for years.

But sadism doesn't discriminate between races.  In cartoons and comics, the sadistic smile appears over and over again — as in Batman's Joker.  Images of Satan often feature the sadistic smile, and scientists speculate that the Gombe Chimp War of the early 1970s had many ferocious scenes of chimps biting in rage as they literally tore apart their enemies.

Humans are not chimps, but under some conditions, we can sure act like that.

Now, what about the woke crowd?  I have long felt that many of them deliberately engage in vicious jokes.  "Admiral" Judy xxx is a sadistic joke.  Teaching our military to hate America is a sadistic joke.

Sometimes I imagine that I see the facial expression of smiling nastiness on Joe Biden's face, but it's not as obvious and clear as Farrakhan's.

When Obama and Michelle allegedly drove around the beautiful towns surrounding D.C., they supposedly yelled, "You didn't build that!" — a joke I never really understood.  Thomas Jefferson certainly designed Monticello, but he must have used black slave labor, just as he used white labor, perhaps under the usual poor conditions of the time.

Lincoln learned hard work and poverty as a child and a young man, and that understanding never left him, even after the worst war in U.S. history: "with malice toward none, with charity for all" is the opposite of sadistic pleasure.  Lincoln was a highly civilized man, and so was Martin Luther King and many, many other black and white people in U.S. history.

I believe that Christianity had a large, positive impact on Southern blacks, but that varieties of militant Islam have not been so beneficial.  I would be glad to stand corrected on that point.

So SPD is back in the psychiatric manual today, probably for good reasons.  We hear a lot about narcissism and sociopathy, which also apply to people like Stalin and other examples of evil.  The fourth disorder of the Dark Tetrad of personality science is called Machiavellianism, and it's the skill of manipulating human beings as if they were chess pieces, with no mercy or compassion.  My guess is that Putin and Xi fit the Dark Tetrad of personality disorders, along with the Iranian mullahs and the Kim dynasty in North Korea.

Sadism, narcissism, sociopathy, Machiavellianism.  It seems that science has caught up with common sense.

The woke have all four.  Just watch them doing their thing, and if you see that smiley threat face, never trust them.

Photo credit: YouTube screen grab.

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