The Cuban doctors in Mexico

Maybe you've heard that Mexico is importing Cuban doctors to fill some local needs.  But why is Mexico doing this?  The real reason is money or hard currency desperately needed by the Castro regime.

In the last month, we have seen critical reports like this in the Mexican media:

According to journalist Pablo Hiriart, the underlying issue in this state visit is the negotiation of cash resources for the Cuban regime, recalling that Mexico has imported medical services from that country and that this agreement will be maintained in the future. through the IMSS.

President Andrés López-Obrador's political opposition in Mexico are angry.  They agree that it's about providing foreign currency to cash-strapped Cuba rather than addressing any needs in Mexico.

Another story in the media questions whether these doctors are even qualified.  This is from Jessica Guerrero:

Not only has their training and professional qualifications come into doubt, but under Mexican law, only physicians licensed and duly accredited in Mexico are allowed to practice here. To become licensed, the Cuban doctors would have to pass the same medical exams as their Mexican counterparts, exams that are administered just twice a year under vigorous supervision by the Public Education Secretariat.

Moreover, many Mexican physicians are furious about the fact that the Mexican government has granted special privileges to the Cuban doctors, including salaries that are almost 200 percent higher than those paid to Mexican doctors with comparable experience and studies.

Additionally, the IMSS offers a generous "hospitality package" to the Cuban professionals that includes free housing and complementary meal plans.

So Mexico brings "unqualified" doctors and pays them more than Mexican doctors?  What's going on?  The answer is that this is not about medicine or heath care.  This is about creating a source of foreign exchange for Cuba.  Add to this that the Cuban doctors get paid by the communist regime.  They are not free men who can negotiate.  They are used by Cuba to find some friendly leader like López-Obrador who wants to participate in this scam.

Senator Marco Rubio is on to something here when he calls these "medical missions ... a form of human-trafficking and modern-day slavery."

These missions are a scam and "madly in love with Castro regime" Lopez-Obrador is playing along with it.

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Image: Picryl.

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