The coming Trump arrest is a very dangerous power play

My mom used a pressure cooker that was the terror of the household. It bounced around all over the counter and, unless the heat was applied and the pressure released with incredible care, it was like having a bomb in the kitchen. When I look at what the Democrats are doing in America, I am reminded of that pressure cooker. Their latest scheme is to arrest Trump even as they announce that they are doubling down on persecuting the almost entirely peaceful J6 protesters who unwittingly trespassed in the Capitol. The first action builds pressure; the second denies Americans their constitutional safety valve. I fear that this cannot end well.

Let’s think about the chronology just to make sure we understand what’s going on:

The Tea Party emerged in 2009. Even though its rallies were peaceful and always left the rally locations immaculate, Democrats in and out of the media described Tea Partiers as dangerous, racist, wild-eyed activists. The template was in place.

Trump mulled the idea of running for president, and leftists were initially excited because they foresaw an easy Hillary victory against him.

Trump became the primary candidate, the crowds turning out for him were unprecedented, and Hillary was revealed to have violated multiple national security laws, only to limp into the election thanks to a James Comey “fix.”

Trump won, and Democrats had a massive, very public, complete mental breakdown.

Shortly before Trump entered office, high-level Democrats (Hillary? Obama?) instituted what came to be the Russia collusion hoax.

These ordinary Americans at a Tea Party protest in 2009 are the same ones the Democrats targeted on J6 and are targeting now. Photo by a1mega. CC BY 2.0.

Despite the Russia collusion hoax, the Ukraine phone call hoax, a failed impeachment, and myriad other faux scandals, Trump looked like a shoo-in for reelection. The economy was booming, China was being constrained, illegal immigration was diminishing, peace was blossoming in the Middle East, and there were no new wars or concentration camps. Something needed to be done. Enter COVID.

Democrats use COVID to shut down the economy, close schools, censor speech, and institute mail-in balloting that, in many states, was illegal according to their own constitutions. Most significantly, they use the self-inflicted death of a felon with major heart disease who’d taken fatal levels of illegal drugs as an excuse to launch the BLM revolution. And it was a revolution, designed to overthrow the government through hysterical racial division and attacks on America’s infrastructure: cities burned, and activists targeted the White House, law enforcement, and the federal judiciary. (Remember the Portland federal courthouse siege?)

The election results are ludicrous. A hugely successful president who managed rallies with tens of thousands of people despite COVID and who had caused significant numbers of minorities to cross to his side lost to a corrupt, demented, racist, and very stupid puppet who campaigned from his basement, in an election riddled with manifest problems, everything from mail-in voting (with all the evidence and envelopes immediately and illegally destroyed), to counting stoppages in the middle of the night.

Trump asks people to protest, clearly meaning a peaceful, First Amendment protest, something he emphasized several times on January 6. Cheerful, non-violent people head to the Capitol to make their voices heard. Unbeknownst to them, they’ve been set up. Despite warnings about potential violence, Nancy Pelosi refuses more security and keeps the Capitol Police in the dark. Operatives tell Trump supporters to enter the Capitol, remove the “no trespassing” signs, and force entry into the building.

Two weeks ago, by showing that the QANON shaman narrative was a lie, Tucker Carlson busted the cornerstone of the J6 narrative. Remember, as the law has said for over 300 years, Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus (“False in one thing, false in everything.”)

Then, two things just happened simultaneously, one of which you know and one of which you may not know:

You already know that Trump announced last week that he’s about to be arrested—on a charge Manhattan DA Bragg must know is invalid—and he asks people to protest:

What you may not know is that at roughly the same time, the DOJ warned the D.C. federal court that, despite already charging more than 1,000 people for unwittingly entering the Capitol on J6 (thanks to those unindicted operatives), it still plans to indict more than 1,000 other people on J6 charges.

Democrats have created a situation in which Trump supporters will inevitably protest (egged on by Trump himself), and they’re making it plain that they will destroy anyone who protests this time around. Conservatives are about to be caught in an incredibly dangerous pincer move.

The fact is that what’s happening is deserving of protest. What we’re seeing is that, to those in power, there are two legal systems in America. Democrats have demanded the de-incarceration of violent criminals, defunded the police, refused to arrest or charge the BLM and Antifa activists who caused billions of dollars of damage and dozens of deaths, stopped enforcing our border laws, and given a pass to everyone from Hillary Clinton to the Biden family for corruption and national security violations. Meanwhile, they’re suddenly all about “law and order” when it comes to entrapping and destroying the common people who, by exercising their First Amendment rights, stand between Democrats and total political power.

This is creating a dangerously volatile situation that Democrats only think they can control. When legal, unarmed, only marginally violent protests are turned into the “most dangerous insurrection since the civil war,” the Democrats have effectively closed a safety valve available only in free societies. Now, they’re making it plain that they intend to increase the pressure while still keeping the valve closed. Unless conservatives thread this needle with incredible wisdom, I’m afraid that the pressure in America may build to uncontrollable levels.

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