‘Teacher of the Year’ accused of crimes against children, and new questions swirl

Every day, we’re bombarded with video after video, and story after story of men in drag abusing children — for some of the most recent examples, see here:

And here:

And also here:

As far as the numbers go, the aforementioned examples aren’t all that surprising, because child predators have always been overwhelmingly male. But, as the agenda for “sexual liberation” rages on, and we transition further away from a society of modesty and traditionalism, there’s an obvious shift in the demographics of the perpetrators — female offenders are no longer outliers, but rather data points in a disturbing upward trend. Just yesterday there was this story: “Cheer coach Jennifer Hawkins, 45, allegedly had sex with daughter’s 16-year-old boyfriend 300 times”. Today, there was this:

Across the country, a 31-year-old married lunch lady in Connecticut has pleaded not guilty after being arrested for allegedly having sexual relations and exchanging explicit photos on social media with a 14-year-old middle school boy she met at school.

Now, California news outlets are abuzz with reports about Jacqueline Ma, a teacher at a public elementary school in the San Diego bay area — this past Tuesday, Ma was arrested on suspicion of “six felony counts, including lewd and lascivious acts and oral copulation with a child under 14.” She posted bail, but was subsequently arrested again two days later (Thursday), on “additional felony charges including possession of child pornography”. Ma previously received recognition as a “Teacher of the Year” and allegedly said that she “considers the relations she maintains with her students her greatest accomplishments.” (It appears as though she’s now been scrubbed from the website of the group that endowed her with the honor.)

Six months ago, Ma took part in an interview with a local newscaster to discuss her award; you can watch below:

If the allegations against Ma are in fact true, then that entire interview is deeply disturbing. But, what really stuck out to me begins right around the 03:56 elapsed minute, where Ma said the following:

It definitely is social-emotional learning and personal confidence is something I try to push into my classroom and my students, and I can’t really say that I know exactly what the magic formula is, I’m still working on that, and as we know it differs class to class and student to student, but just being that champion for those students…and just like you [news anchor] mentioned with social media, and all of these apps coming out, really trying to stay current, speaking to them like they are those responsible young adults that they are….

Let me remind you, these are sixth-graders we’re talking about, they’re not “young adults”. Secondly, there’s that buzzphrase: social-emotional learning (SEL).

From an Intercessors for America report on the leftist philosophy:

Public school administrators have the authority to implement any program they deem fit under the SEL category, i.e., CRT, gender choice, and sexuality.

In her own words, Ma is a big believer in a “progressive” teaching intiative, one that we all know frequently includes perverted pornographic material because it’s “sex ed” — that doesn’t really bode well for her in the court of public opinion.

I have a number of questions I’d like to ask the ordinary citizens that continue to vote Democrat:

If Ms. Ma is convicted of these charges, does this make a case to abolish curricula like SEL? After all, if she is in fact someone who preys on children, maybe it’s because she was desensitized to pornography and immoral sexual behaviors through leftist ideologies like SEL?

If she’s guilty, can she be fired? I mean, with the leftist teachers’ unions and all…. 

Are things getting better the more we normalize and focus on hypersexuality and perverse “visibility”? Is this really what they want for our children? I certainly don’t.

“Sexual liberation” really did open Pandora’s Box of perversion.

Image: Twitter video screen grab.

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