National Review claims a second Trump term would be 'bonkers'

I will summarize the following article from the anti-Trump National Review, titled "A Second Trump Administration Would Be Bonkers":

Republicans shouldn’t vote for Trump again because Democrats will act more violently than they did after Trump won the first time.

Here it is:

If Donald Trump’s Truth Social post about his impending arrest made it feel like our politics was about to reach another level of insanity, just wait.

The impending Alvin Bragg prosecution offers a taste of what our national politics will be like post–November 2024 if Donald Trump wins the presidency again.

The Left freaked out in 2017, and that was before the Trump attempt to overturn an election, before January 6, and, we can presume, before he was indicted, perhaps more than once.

If Trump wins again via the Electoral College while losing the popular vote, it will be considered a damning indictment of our constitutional system, and there will be some new reason — some equivalent of Russian election interference in 2017 — for progressives to deny the legitimacy of his victory.

There will be large-scale street protests, making good on the threat that had cities around the country boarding up prior to the 2020 election.

The atmosphere will be fevered, and however much people lost perspective in 2017, the reflex will be to lose it even more.

The notion of national divorce will gain more traction on the left.

Trump will probably be in personal danger, and so will nearly anyone associated with him.

Security around cabinet officials will have to be beefed up, and the question won’t be if White House staff members will be harassed in restaurants and other public places, but how threatening it will be.

For his part, Trump would certainly be running an ALL CAPS presidency.

And that’s a pathetic reason.

In other words, Trump should just stay quiet, despite seven years of witch hunts in search of a crime, because Democrats will act violently.

The author says that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg shouldn’t charge Trump with made-up crimes, but somehow Trump should be polite about it.

Speaking of 'bonkers'...

Journalists, anti-Trumpers, and other Democrats never cared how much Trump’s policies helped the poor and middle class move up the economic ladder; or that poverty rates hit the lowest levels on record; or that real wages were rising, or that we had energy independence, low inflation and a relatively peaceful world. No matter how good Trump's policies were, they sought to destroy him every day.

And now, National Review's Rich Lowry says that Republicans shouldn’t support Trump because Democrats and anti-Trumpers won’t like it if he wins.

It’s as if Lowry doesn’t remember that the media and other Democrats also trashed the great Ronald Reagan, both George Bushes, John McCain, Bob Dole, and Mitt Romney before Trump, all for the crime of having an “R” behind their name.

Romney was polite and quiet, yet the media and other Democrats set out to destroy him. Now the media loves Romney as long as he is trashing Trump or voting with Biden.

If the media and other Democrats are able to dispose of Trump, they will set out to destroy Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley, Mike Pence, Mike Pompeo, or whoever else runs.

I would say the “bonkers” administration is the first Biden term with open borders, high inflation, a corrupt Justice Department, collapsing banks, Putin on the march, and China flexing its military might.

The reason we have a corrupt, incompetent president is because of all the lies about Trump, and endless investigations in search of a crime.

But Trump should shut up!

People should vote for the person who gave the U.S. good results and who wants to clean the corrupt swamp, not the one who runs for president from his basement that the media covers up for.

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