More questions than answers in the wake of Tucker Carlson's January 6 exposé

John Dale Dunn's blog piece from March 11 titled "Tucker Carlson pulled his punches" was a little bit harsh.  A little bit.

While I agree that it appeared that Tucker Carlson shifted from a fairly assertive open (on Monday) to a significantly less assertive set of shows throughout the balance of the week, he did hit a few nerves and caused an apoplectic response from the January 6 committee members, the Democrats, a handful of weak-kneed Republicans, and the plurality media.

In his Monday open, Carlson expressed that neither the Capitol Hill Police nor Fox News executives or producers set any limits on his content.  After Monday's show, with Chuck Schumer demanding that Tucker's show be censored, it sure looked as though any further video was squelched in the crib.  Tucker Carlson should answer whether his producers demanded that he not air further content.

Mr. Dunn's anger, though, is partially misdirected.  We all knew that January 6 was not an insurrection.  The J6 committee (without further evidence) didn't establish any coordinated effort to overthrow the government.

On three important fronts, Carlson contradicted the bogus narratives (established by the J6 committee) around Jacob Chansley (the QAnon Shaman), the death (reported murder) of Officer Brian Sicknick, and the false testimony from Ray Epps.  "They lied!"

While the media and Democrats (but I repeat myself) have attacked Tucker Carlson personally, none has directly challenged the content that he presented on his show.  It could be that Tucker Carlson is allowing the first batch of videos to be absorbed and will circle back in the coming weeks with more revelations.

For me, there are more questions than answers surrounding January 6.

Where is the testimony from those in the room when Donald Trump recommended calling up the National Guard?

What did Nancy Pelosi know?  When did she know it?  Why did she loosen, not tighten Capitol security?

Interview more Capital Hill police.  What direction were they provided prior to and during the riot?  Were they instructed to remove barricades?  Open locked doors?  Who provided said direction?

Where's the video of the guy in the hoodie who planted bombs at the RNC and DNC offices?

There's video of a black-hooded guy throwing the fire extinguisher at Brian Sicknick.  Is he one of the people in the D.C. gulag?  If not, who is it?  Can security video get more clips of him?  Release it and post a reward for his identification and capture?

Antifa indicated that they were intending to "infiltrate the Capitol protesters" as a black flag operation.  What video evidence is available that shows black-clad instigators of violence and property damage?

Christopher Wray has demurred as to whether FBI and/or other federal agents were present on January 6.  What video evidence shows would-be agents (like Ray Epps) instigating the incursion on the Capitol?  If bum-rushing the doors, damaging property, or otherwise directing others to do so, doesn't land one in custody, how come?

Most importantly, there are dozens of Americans illegally incarcerated for their alleged actions on January 6.  Find any and all incarcerated persons on video and run a loop of all of their activities.  If criminal behavior (beyond trespassing) can be ascertained, prosecute accordingly.  Let everyone else free.

On this I agree with Mr. Dunn: January 6 was a Reichstag Fire event.

Tucker Carlson can only expose the truth.  It will require some spines in Congress and/or law enforcement (or the military) to right the wrongs that were perpetrated against patriots two-plus years ago.  The tyranny against good people cannot stand.

Image: Screen shot from Fox News video.

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