More good news during dark days, this time from Disney

Disney used to be a reliable source of wholesome fare for parents who wanted their children protected from sexual content. However, long before the endless acronym (LGBTQIA+), when the homosexual community meant only gays and lesbians, Disneyland and Disney World were hugely popular destinations for that cohort. It was inevitable that the LGBTQ+ group, which is overrepresented in creative endeavors, would end up as Disney employees—and that these employees would use their positions to push their sexual values on child audiences. The good news is that parents, with help from Ron DeSantis and the Florida legislature, pushed back, and Disney is hurting.

Daily Mail reports:

Walt Disney Company began 7,000 layoffs in a letter sent to employees Monday, as CEO Bob Iger works to save the company some $5.5 billion.

Several major divisions of the company - Disney Entertainment, Disney Parks, Experiences and Products, and corporate - will be impacted, according to a person familiar with the matter. The layoffs will also affect Disney workers across the globe, and not just in the United States.

Iger had previously announced the layoffs throughout the company after he took back over as CEO in November.

The cuts come after the company reported profits of $23.51 billion, which exceeded analysts’ expectations of $23.44 billion. However, the company’s stock price has sunk over 30 percent in the past year, as it faces controversy over previous CEO Bob Chapek’s disastrous wading into the culture wars.

In addition, the House of Mouse took a huge publicity blow as Ron DeSantis officially took control of Disney’s Reedy Creek Improvement district in his war with the ‘corporate kingdom’, in a move that will give him the power to select the board and force them to pay $700 million in taxes and debts.

But wait! There’s more—and by “more,” I mean more bad news from Disney, which deserves to be slapped around in the financial marketplaces so that it either returns to its original wholesome approach to entertainment or fades away from relevance. When I was perusing Ace of Spades this morning, I saw an interesting sidebar item:

Big scoops from Kamran Pasha about Disney

According to his source “sparrow” who has proven reliable in the past, and who is [sic] he has confirmed the identity of, Bob Iger has ordered a full audit of Kathleen Kennedy’s Lucasfilm. He’s suspicious about the spending going on over there, and why Kennedy could only offer an insulting $5000 payoff to a producer she offered a job to, and then withdrew the offer. Iger wants to know why money is so tight that only $5000 was offered in a breach of contract case where a more typical payoff would be $500,000. Apparently Lucasfilm offered to do their own internal audit, and Iger said no, he wanted Disney’s own accountants to audit Lucasfilm. Sounds like he said, “I’m ordering a complete Shut-Down of Star Wars until I can figure out what the hell is going on down there.”

Pasha also says that there will be more big names being fired at Disney. Not as big as Victoria Alonso, but part of the point of that is that when the next big names get fired, the press won’t be as interested because it’s a let-down after Alonso’s firing.

The link is to a video, which I haven’t had time to watch, so I’m relying entirely on the above summary for the facts of the matter. What I gather is that the Lucasfilm branch of Disney is hemorrhaging money, although I can’t tell if this is because of mismanagement, poor content, external market forces, or something more sinister, such as high-level financial malfeasance (and, let me hasten to assure you, I know of no evidence of the latter; I’m just speculating).

Schadenfreude is not a nice behavior, but I’m indulging in it anyway. A company that starts producing a lousy product deserves to fail. But more than that, a company that openly and deliberately creates content intended to wean children away from heterosexuality and inveigle them into exploring the edges of human sexual behavior, deserves to implode economically. I’m terribly sorry for all the decent people at Disney who will be collateral damage, but Disney still needs to be chastened or shut down.

Image: Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, Disneyland, by Tuxyso. CC BY-SA 3.0.

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