Lyin’ James Comey broadens his horizons and officially becomes a ‘novelist’

Central Park West, “a kaleidoscopic crime novel…involving the Mafia and the murder of a former New York governor” is due to hit shelves in May, and coming from an author you’d never expect: James Comey.

Or, perhaps the connection isn’t too much of a leap in your mind, given the fact that the unscrupulous former FBI director is well-acquainted with fantastical exaggerations and plotline inventions — elements that are inherent to the proper development of a fictional crime thriller. Now that I think about it, Comey as a whole is perfectly suited for a career in books that give a cheap and manufactured thrill. In reality though, his first two books were misclassified as “memoirs” as they took quite a bit of creative license if you know what I mean….

Now, under ordinary circumstances, you’d think the kindred anti-President Trump spirits would unite, but Comey is so much of a villain, he’s even left a bad taste in the mouths of leftwing establishment media outlets — a reporter for USA Today said, “James Comey was a reckless and untrustworthy FBI director.” He’s been out of the headlines for a bit, so here’s a brief refresher (on just one of Comey’s most high-profile offenses) from conservative writer J. Marsolo:

…under the direction of James Comey, working through Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Andrew McCabe, and others, set up General Michael Flynn for a perjury trap.

Remember Peter Strzok? Adulterous, dishonest, Strzok? Also per Marsolo:

Comey was assisted by the ever present Strzok to describe Hillary's conduct as ‘extremely careless,’ avoiding the ‘gross negligence’ standard in the statutes applicable.

Well Sneaky Strzok, still in a TDS delirium, is also back in the news!

I actually can’t tell if these guys are just so out to lunch they genuinely see themselves as the good guys, or if they’re superbly trained gaslighters — thoughts?

Anyways, Comey does have firsthand experience of unethical (and possibly criminal) behavior; his book might actually be half-decent.

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