Lyin' Biden does it again

Just as with his breathing, fibbing, fudging facts, telling tall tales, or outright lying has become so natural to President Joseph R. Biden (D) that it is automatic, done without thinking, and necessary to remain viable.  Certainly, many in the media don't notice — do they also operate in this manner?

Consider Biden's recent big lie

MAGA House Republican proposals would slash funding for border security — a move that could allow nearly 900 pounds of fentanyl into our country. We need more resources to secure the border. Not less.

Granted, it was 7 P.M. on a Saturday night — way past the bedtime of our elderly president.  The presidential aide who probably sent out the tweet and the usual media lackeys were maybe enjoying D.C.'s wild nightlife and in all likelihood agreed with Biden's unfounded swipe at Republicans, so all was quiet on the official front.

However, an alert public, fed up with dealing with illegal aliens — for that's what they are, not some imaginary "migrants" — and horrified at the damage all around them by deadly drugs, slapped down those lies.  And hard.

After all, Biden has officially been president of the U.S. for two years.  He has reduced border security while ignoring the evil caused by illegal drugs.

"You're either lying or your dementia is so bad that you reversed your entire ideology," summed up one retort, while another accurately noted, "This is so craven."

Check out the other responses to Biden's outrageous tweet here.  Add your own.  Let Lyin' Biden know that you demand the truth from our president.

Reinforce President Donald J. Trump's original insight, which Biden poorly mimicked: "We need more resources to secure the border.  Not less."

Yes, let's Make America Greater Again.

Photo credit: Twitter screen grab.

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