Likely next mayor of Chicago refuses to condemn looting during the 2020 riots, blames corporations

It looks like Brandon Johnson, the radical leftist candidate supported by the teachers' union, will win the runoff election and become Chicago's next mayor, despite losing to centrist-leaning Paul Vallas by 11 points in the primary.  As a local resident explains:

A new poll out Thursday shows Vallas’s lead down to 2 points.  He led by 11 in primary.   Blacks and Hispanics who voted for other candidates in round 1 are now lining up with Johnson.  

There will be a lot of for sale signs up April 5th if this trend continues.  Gays and teachers' union members are both heavily favoring Johnson, though both groups are mostly white.  They too will get mugged.  Looting will be effectively endorsed in the future, an all-but-official policy, so long as desperate marginalized people from the preferred groups are doing  the mugging.

It seems that until you are mugged yourself, you follow your tribal interest group. Some minority residents have left Chicago, especially blacks (likely over 100,000) in recent years.

Watch, courtesy of the Illinois Policy Institute and the Committee to Unleash Prosperity, Brandon Johnson refuse to condemn looting.  Less than one minute:


Photo credit: YouTube screen grab.

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