Kamala's neutered husband gets emotional as he ponders the threatening presence of 'toxic masculinity'

Just a couple of girls, living in the moment, discussing cootie-ridden boys!  Just kidding — it was MSNBC's Jonathan Capehart and Doug Emhoff, in a one-on-one interview where the eunuchs discussed "toxic masculinity" — something about which Emhoff has thought "a lot."  Take a look at the cringe-worthy video below:

First of all, let's just be clear on one thing, because this is an area where conservatives forfeit ground to leftist Newspeak. "Gender" isn't a word that applies to the human race, rather it is a word that applies to language — words, not people, are "gendered." The left is right though on one thing: "gender" is a social construct, albeit one fabricated by pseudo-academic leftists. The difference between male and female is biological sex, not "gender."

After Capehart poses his question about "perceived gender roles" — accurately phrased, he would say something like "traditional roles between the two sexes" — Emhoff's first reply is non-verbal.  Instead of just responding to the questions as a man should, he lets out an emotional sigh (drama, female trait), as if he's actually ruminated over "gender" roles.  Emhoff isn't fooling anyone; we know he's emasculated and just doing as he's told.  If Kamala Harris wears the pants in the relationship, then Doug Emhoff wears the skirt.

Shortly into his plea against traditional masculinity, Emhoff declares.  "You've got this trope out there, where you've gotta be tough, and angry, and lash out..."

Let me stop him right there: yes, men do need to be tough, because that's how God designed them to be.  The physiological and objective differences between male and female prescribe that the naturally created order recognize men as the sex responsible to be physical defenders, warriors, hunters, etc.  Those endeavors require "tough[ness]."  We can call this healthy masculinity.

But secondly, and more importantly, healthy masculinity does not require anger and "lash[ing] out" — in fact, those behaviors are antithetical.  Emotional and impulsive anger (which is the type of anger I infer Emhoff means, given his swinging fists gesture and mocking voice) and "lash[ing] out" would certainly define a toxic version of masculinity — and surprise, surprise: those behaviors are actually embraced by modern leftism and its ideologues.

Healthy masculinity is one modeled after Judeo-Christian morality.  The measure of a man esteems self-control, discipline, patience — the very opposite of impulsivity and violent outbursts.

Remind me: which side resorts to violence when it begins to lose their grip on power?

Hat tip: fellow contributor Rajan Laad.

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