Kamala Harris's hate-filled childhood

Remember the cackle?

It's been pretty quiet for a while.  Its absence made one think maybe some public relations minion finally got through to Kamala Harris that to make her understand that her cackle was a political disaster, a public relations nightmare, a defining failure, a political death wish.  Did she finally learn?

No such luck.  The cackle is baaack!

Here's Kamala Harris, speaking before a group in Colorado:


According to the New York Post, she said:

"I grew up learning about — we called it ecology at the time, and so, some of us who were born around that time know what I'm saying — and we talked about it in the context of conservation," Harris told an audience Monday in Colorado during a discussion on climate policy.

"In fact, I'm going to share with you a very simple story, which is that I went home one day and I said, 'Well, why are conservatives bad, Mommy? I thought we were supposed to conserve things,'" she added.

"I couldn't reconcile it. Now I can," Harris said before bursting into her trademark cackle.

The Post guffawed that the story was likely another made up tale, citing a slew of experts and Kamala-watchers, the reaction on social media, and Harris's own history of making up stories about herself, particularly those "little girl" ones.

But I'm gonna give Harris the benefit of the doubt this time.  I suspect that what she's saying is actually true.  After all, there was no political gain to be made from the story, and the point of her telling it was rather unclear other than a "between us girls" occasion for a group cackle.  The lead-in, that she was taught "ecology" rather than greenie environmentalism, was a small and correct detail, as I remember it well myself, and I too was taught in California at the same time she was.  Meanwhile, her question is very much the kind of question a kid might ask.  There's nothing strange or precocious about it, nothing far-fetched, nothing self-aggrandizing.  I recall trying to reason things out in the same way at that age on matters around the Vietnam War.   

But that paints an even more picture story of Harris than that of mere new notch on her lipstick case of lies.

Take a look at this line: "Well, why are conservatives bad, Mommy?  I thought we were supposed to conserve things."

Was she so steeped in left-wingery in her childhood in Berkeley, California that she was taught from birth that "conservatives are bad"?  What kind of household was she was raised in?  Was she taught hate from the cradle?  Couldn't conservatives be "wrong" without being utterly bad?

It's so left-wing.  It also might explain why she's so unable to grasp what other people think, let alone serve as a "uniter" or bridger of gaps.  If she was propagandized from birth to think "conservatives are bad," how could she ever deal with a conservative in the unlikely event that she met one?  Might this explain why there are two sets of laws for Americans in this country, one for the left, one for conservatives?  If she was never taught that people exist outside politics and normal people should not be defined by their politics, how can she ever hope to understand the U.S. or a conservative when she meets one?

Someone should ask her whether she ever learned to get along with conservatives and see them as people of complex character rather than stick figures under the heading of "bad."  How did she learn that what she was brainwashed with was garbage, and how did she overcome it to be able to function in a society?

It rather explains a lot about her.  In her political career, she was always a privileged chosen one, never facing a Republican opponent of consequence in her all-blue state, and it rather has handicapped her, making her slow on her feet and absurdly certain in her outlook, unable to change course or adapt to new realities.

She really was taught that "conservatives are bad" when she was kid?  Were they the boogieman under her bed?  Did she run from them when they appeared on TV?

What kind of kids grow up thinking half the country is "bad" and expect to win high office?

Image: Screen shot from Fox Business video via YouTube.

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