Kamala Harris unearths a ‘climate mental health’ crisis but the ‘why’ still puzzles her

Kamala Harris is completely befuddled about what she calls, “climate mental health.”

Last week Harris was in Miami, where she spoke at “Aspen Ideas: Climate Conference”. As Ian Miller at Outkick noted: “Things quickly got out of hand.” Miller writes:

She [Harris] says that through conversations with young people, she’s come to believe that they’re existentially terrified of climate change.

According to her, young children are facing a ‘climate mental health’ crisis. They’re apparently so scared of climate change, it’s affecting their mental health.

‘One example is, you know, whether, when they’re ready, could they start a family — worried about what that would mean and the stress of it,’ she said.

Apparently these young people are so concerned about this that they don’t know how they’ll fit jobs into their ‘activism.’

It does not take someone with a degree in psychology to understand why children are depressed about the climate or starting a family. Every day, children are told by Harris, Biden, most journalists, entertainers, and other nihilists that humanity’s use of natural resources is destroying the planet and overpopulation is a dire threat to us all — impending doom and apocalypse is always just around the corner. Our “leaders” use words like “emergency”, “catastrophe”, and “crisis”. Girl Scouts dole out patches to girls as young as five that depict sad polar bears floating away on tiny, melting chunks of ice, and the media runs images of smoggy dystopian cityscapes, or just plain invention, deeply freakish in nature.

Our children are told the lie that species are dying rapidly because of humans. They are told that too many humans are breathing out too much CO2, and in turn, that clear, innocuous, non-pollutant gas is heating up the planet and causing the existential threat of “climate change.”

Why wouldn’t they be depressed if those talking points are all they hear? They are indoctrinated that the science is settled and anyone who dares tell the truth that the climate is and has always changed cyclically and naturally is a climate change denier who shouldn’t be taken seriously. They are taught to repeat what they are told instead of to ask questions or do research.

Democrats seek to scare the public every day about a coming cataclysmic event — whether it’s an ice age or a burning hellscape they aren’t sure — by saying we only have a few years left. Then, they pretend they don’t understand why people, including children, are depressed.

Conclusion: As a general rule, Democrats are completely ignorant and uninformed at best, Machiavellian liars at worst.

Image: Free image, Pixabay license, no attribution required.

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