Janet Yellen says federal treasury will soon take 'extraordinary measures'

In January, Janet Yellen and a host of Democrats warned American citizens that the U.S. had hit its debt limit. The Treasury Department would have to jump through hoops to pay bills, and in  June the nation would default on its $32 trillion albatross deficit. The media and others said the blame for such a disaster would fall squarely on congressional Republicans’ shoulders if they didn’t raise the limit. From CNN:

The Treasury Department said Friday the US could default on its debt as soon as June, setting up one of the first major battles on Capitol Hill after Republicans took control of the House.

The US will reach the debt limit on January 19 and then ‘extraordinary measures’ will need to be taken, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen wrote in a letter to House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. She said that the Treasury Department will pursue those measures, but they will only last a limited amount of time.

It is unlikely that the government will exhaust its cash and the ‘extraordinary measures’ before early June, though she said there is ‘considerable uncertainty’ around that forecast, Yellen wrote. She urged lawmakers to ‘act in a timely matter’ to increase or suspend the debt limit.

But in the same breath, Janet Yellen in late February bragged that she would be giving $10 billion to Ukraine. We are handing out money to Ukraine like candy. From where do they think they get this money? Not once have I seen Yellen tell Biden, Zelensky, or anyone else that we’re on the verge of catastrophic default. See this headline from Breitbart: “Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Says U.S. Will Provide $10B to Ukraine in ‘Coming Months’”.

In December, the Democrats had control of the House and the Senate, and with the help of some idiot Republicans, passed a huge spending bill that had to come almost entirely from borrowed money. Yet Yellen and Biden didn’t tell the Democrats that they should increase the debt limit before they committed to that spending. Nope, they cheered for the spending. Did they just want a campaign issue? Seems like it.

Biden and Yellen keep boasting about how great the economy is because of Biden’s policies — so why do they think college graduates are too broke to pay back their loans? Why hasn’t Yellen demanded that the students start paying back the money since that costs the government billions each month in reduced cash flow? Where is the demand that colleges control their costs?

I haven’t seen where Yellen paused new student loans since we have hit our credit limit.

Why hasn’t Yellen demanded that Biden enforce immigration laws since the open borders policy obviously costs billions each month. Where is that money coming from since Biden hasn’t seemed to ask for appropriations?

Why hasn’t Yellen put a moratorium on projects that haven’t yet started?

Why did Yellen travel to Ukraine since we are out of money?

They sure love to politicize and “address” crises as they’re unfolding, but never do they seek to implement policies that prevent such doom.

Are they lying to get an unlimited credit line? Biden, Schumer, and the other Democrats have voted against raising credit limits multiple times in the past.

Why isn’t the media calling out Democrats for their blatant hypocrisy? The answer is they don’t care. They also want unlimited spending and don’t care how much that harms the current and future generations.

No wonder the public doesn’t trust the media and other Democrats — they’re the party of destruction.

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