Jacob Chansley saved us all

What the Democrats had planned on J6 — January 6, 2021, the day the votes were made official at the Capitol, never happened.

Just consider the crackdown that did occur subsequent to J6.  Consider then what would have happened had there in fact been an Antifa/Democrat-style riot at the Capitol.

They would have come down on everything on the "Right."

Everything would have been shut down — every non-woke website and news service (this one for sure).

They would have initiated a brazen campaign of censorship — for our "safety," of course.  It was still at the time somewhat behind-the-scenes and deniable.  It would have been out front and vicious.

Any better-known people on the right, and even many Average Joes, would have been canceled and interned.

Scorched earth.

Somebody might be thinking, "Really?"  To that person we say — hasn't the left demonstrated there are no limits to their madness?  Any limit to their perfidy?

They were going after Catholics and parents.

They look at downtowns burned by left-wing rioters and exclaim, "Mostly peaceful!"

They masked and vaxxed children, a population near-immune to COVID fatalities, then confined the kids in terror to their homes.

They (s)elect, if they wish, the brain-damaged, and it makes no difference.

Anything that winds up in their narrative is, and anything that isn't is not.  Shades of the trial of Jesus — "What is truth?" — indeed.  It's whatever they, like Pontius Pilate, say it is.

Nothing would have stopped them.

But, instead, we got Jacob Chansley.  The "QAnon Shaman."

On J6, Chansley ambled down the corridors, got a police-conducted tour, then said a prayer and howled.  Who knows his politics, or cares?

What neither Chansley, nor hundreds of others who were there that day, did was riot.

They did not come brandishing firearms.  (Who goes to insurrect without guns?  This is America about which we are talking.)

They set no fires.  This is worth repeating.  They set no fires. 

(Whereas Antifa set fire to the "Church of Presidents" in a real riot, albeit memory-holed, in front of the White House.) 

Now, granted, Chansley may be just a very, very weird, though nonviolent, guy.  The others, though, walking about calmly, staying between the lines, taking selfies with the police...these seem to be just plain decent folk who wandered in through open doors to a place ordinarily open to the public.

There are two other reasons that this calmness and decency are so remarkable.

Agents provocateurs, of whom there were beaucoup.  An "agent provocateur" is a person working for the government who tries to provoke someone into committing a crime.

And then there was this little context thing.  They were there because of a mere 44,000 total vote margin in states rife with issues, and because all their concerns regarding the fairness of this razor-thin Biden "victory" had been shoved aside — "don't look here," as in the bizarre Wisconsin Supreme Court decision Trump v. Biden that later on was in effect overruled by the same court.  A bit late.

So, upset and bewildered, egged on and provoked, they went to, and then went inside, the Capitol.

Frankly, it's astonishing that they didn't take the bait.  There were half a million outside.  They could have burned the place down.

Had they, we all would have been crushed.

It was that refusal to take the bait that saved us all.

Tadas Klimas, the author of several books, is a former U.S. intelligence officer awarded the National Intelligence Medal of Achievement (NIMA).  He also was a law professor and at one time was chief legal counsel to the speaker of the Lithuanian parliament, first chief of state of the restored Republic of Lithuania, Prof. Vytautas Landsbergis.

Image: Twitter video screen grab.

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