It is clearer every day which party is radical, extreme, dangerous, and flat-out crazy

It is sad that only 74% of registered voters believe that parents have more rights to choose major, life-changing medical surgery than school officials. 

Here is the poll:

Poll: Majority of Voters Believe Schools Should Inform Parents of Students' Gender Transitions

The poll released by parental rights organization Parents Defending Education found that 74 percent of registered voters believe that schools should not help students change their gender identity without parental consent. 

In the poll, 71 percent of registered voters oppose letting schools withhold information about a child's gender identity from their parents. This includes 76 percent of black voters, 71 percent of white voters, 66 percent of Hispanic voters, and 59 percent of Asian voters and 85 percent of Republicans, 74 percent of Independent voters, and 59 percent of Democrats.

Who are the 26% of voters who believe that the parents have no right to know?

Probably the same sliver of people who believe that males should compete with girls in sports and that people with penises should be able to invade girls' privacy in public restrooms and expose themselves in their locker rooms. 

They are most likely within the same slim minority of people who think it is OK to abort children throughout all nine months of a pregnancy and even to let a baby just lie there and die if he is nevertheless born alive in a botched abortion. 

In a normal world, the media would call the people who were in a significant minority the extremists and declare their policies controversial.

The problem is that we live in a time where most journalists believe that those of us who want parents to make decisions for their children, instead of the government, and who want limits on the abortions, as most of the world does, are the extremists and then they claim we are prejudiced.

It is clear that most journalists are also radical extremists and that their talking points reflect their political opinions, not facts. 

Parents are required to sign permission slips in order for children to go on field trips.

They are required to sign waivers to allow children to play sports. 

School officials need permission to give students an aspirin. 

The age of consent in most states for sex is sixteen.

People need to be 21 to smoke and 18 to vote.

People can't sign contracts or get married in most states until they are 18. 

They can't drive until they are 16.

When children go to a doctor for anything, they require a parent to sign an agreement giving permission and taking financial responsibility.

It appears that the only time that children can make a major medical decision without the parents' permission is when a young girl wants an abortion or when children as young as grade school decide, with egging guidance from school employees, that they want to be castrated, have their breasts cut off, and take dangerous puberty-blockers to completely alter their bodily development.

Who is paying for these major medical services, since the parents don't even know?

Parents should remain responsible and knowledgeable for all major and minor medical decisions for their children until they reach adulthood.  It should never be government bureaucrats unless there is a court order because the parents are somehow incapacitated.  But they should never alter a young child's biology.

It is clear which party needs to be stopped because it is consumed with the desire to gain control over all of us.  They even pretend they can control the climate with all of its natural variables if they are allowed to confiscate trillions of more dollars from us and to destroy industries that greatly improve our quality and length of life.

It is disgusting that so many schools spend their time indoctrinating children on sexual preference and climate change, and that the U.S has always been a racist country, instead of teaching them how to be competent in reading and math.

If Democrats actually wanted equality and equity for the poor and minorities, they would not oppose school vouchers, which most people, especially minorities, support.  Why are they so adamant about forcing them to remain in poorly performing schools?  I think we all know the answer, and it is spelled "NEA." 

Meanwhile, the media and other Democrats should stop pretending they are the party of science.

The media clearly don't care as they campaign for Joe and say how great and uniting he is.

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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