Is Donald Trump using evangelicals?

As President Biden's failures accumulate and the election of 2024 draws closer, evangelicals in America are once again looking over like-minded candidates seeking for a leader they can count on to put America on a godlier course.  This evaluation process annoys Donald Trump.  His Orangeness, anxious for another four years and vindication, claims that evangelicals owe him loyalty for the evangelical-friendly actions he took during his first term.

Trump realizes that with solid evangelical support, he has his best shot at becoming POTUS again.  Does he also realize that without evangelicals in 2024, his chances are none and noner?

Trump meets in Miami with Evangelicals for Trump three years ago.

Someone needs to tell His Orangeness that, as evangelicals, we give only Jesus our everlasting loyalty.  We are grateful for what former president Trump did in his first term, but when Joe Biden took the oath of office in 2021, those of us who voted for Trump in 2016 and 2020 were released from our loyalty obligations to him. 

Let's recap.  Was he better than Hillary in 2016?  Yes!  Was he better than Biden in 2020?  Yes! 

Acquainted as he is with divorce, former President Trump must know that his political marriage with the evangelicals ended when Sleepy Joe took the oath of office.

Trump and evangelicals were both disappointed by the 2020 outcome. 

The question before evangelicals as we approach 2024 is what candidate will represent us best in 2025 to 2029, assuming we can win the election.  We know what Trump thinks, but some of us think he is getting long in the tooth.  Some of us recall how viciously he attacked other Republicans in 2016, breaking Reagan's 11th Commandment: "Thou shalt not speak ill of other Republicans!"  Some of us recall with horror the release of the Access Hollywood tape before the 2016 election, where Donald acted like Bill Clinton.  Some of us suspect that Donald secretly holds a low opinion of evangelicals and is using us to advance his own agenda.

Here is what I pray happens.  Sometime soon, Donald experiences a Damascus Road encounter with Jesus.  Jesus calls him to faith and tells him to stop using His flock in America.  I believe that miracles still happen.  Watching the Donald coming to faith would be one to behold. 

As 2024 approaches, will Donald Trump admit he is not the maker of heaven and earth?  Will he finally bend the knee and choose to follow Jesus, the Maker of heaven and earth?

Donald Trump does not need to fear Alvin Bragg.  He needs to fear God!

Ned Cosby, a regular contributor to American Thinker, is a pastor, veteran Coast Guard officer, and a retired career public high school teacher.  His newest novel OUTCRY is a love story exposing the refusal of Christian leaders to report and discipline clergy who sexually abuse our young people.  This work of fiction addresses crimes that are all too real.  Cosby has also written RECOLLECTIONS FROM MY FATHER'S HOUSE, tracing his own odyssey from 1954 to the present.  For more info, visit Ned Cosby.

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