Industry Is a powerful ally against Biden's power grab

From day one in the White House, the Biden administration has fumbled one issue after another.  Whether it's sending the American economy into a nosedive or bungling foreign policy crises with some of our greatest adversaries, Joe Biden and his cadre of agency cronies can't get out of their own way, or that of the American people.

Pressure at the pump, supply chain issues keeping store shelves empty, and rising inflation thanks to this administration have hurt American consumers and businesses.  Meanwhile, an America-last approach to foreign policy has left us vulnerable and weak in the eyes of adversaries like Russia and China.

Perhaps nobody has been hurt by this administration more than women, who a 2022 report says are the hardest hit by the cost-of-living crisis we're experiencing.  More generally, it's women who have been most acutely impacted by Biden's 40-year-high inflation crisis.  Then there was the baby formula shortage, which left mothers and families scrambling to find ways to feed their children. 

But after two years of one-party rule in Washington where the Biden administration faced minimal opposition from the Legislative Branch on even some of its most radical positions, Republicans managed to retake the House in November.  While short of their midterm expectations, a Republican-led House finally gives the GOP a legislative firewall to defend against Joe Biden. 

Biden was already guilty of abusing his executive powers more than almost any president in American history, and that's even before Republicans were able to secure a divided government.  He mobilized his administration to aggressively implement his agenda, often on questionable legal grounds well beyond its authority.

Now, without the ability to act with impunity, we should anticipate that government overreach and abuse of executive authority will only see an exponential increase. 

Republicans in the House can provide much-needed reinforcement to those in the private sector who have been on the front lines attempting to halt Joe Biden's power grab and mitigate his destructive policies during his first two years in office. 

Outside groups like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and others spent the past two years speaking out against Biden's missteps on issues like China and his domestic energy agenda — or lack thereof — getting their hands dirty fighting back against his administration's overreach. 

These groups are the ones that held the line when Biden was otherwise running unchecked through Washington.  The Chamber in particular has taken its efforts right to the source, pursuing legal action to rein in the ever-expanding grasp of groups like the CFPB, FTC, and SEC. 

Over two years, Biden's attempts to procure as much power as possible have caused enormous pain for America's business community and consumers alike. 

Perhaps most notable is the Biden administration's negligent domestic energy policy.  We've seen groups from the Chamber to the NFIB and Business Roundtable all take strong stances regarding the pain that high energy costs due to Biden's energy policies are wreaking on American businesses.  For two years, these groups have called out the devastation for both businesses and consumers, hopefully leading to a potential change of heart from the administration in areas of the domestic energy industry.

Not only does domestic energy production help our economy, but it also strengthens our national security.  That is particularly critical at a time when adversaries like China are pursuing every competitive advantage possible, whether it is stealing our intellectual property, devaluing its currency, or engaging in incomprehensible human rights abuses in a quest to become the world's most dominant economy. 

Yet again, it's America's business community leading the charge by calling on Biden to do more to combat China, and now groups like the Chamber are strong supporters and allies of the Republican-led House's efforts to address these threats through means such as the Select Committee on China. 

We know that Biden is more focused on consolidating power to push through unpopular policies than actually delivering for Americans.  With outside groups pushing back alongside the Republican majority in the House, we are finally at a point where we can slow down the damage this administration is doing to mothers, families, and Americans of both sexes and every background, race, and economic status. 

Ellen Walter is the Founder of the Walter Group, a grassroots campaign organization that focuses on female voters and influencers.  Formerly, she served as a senior adviser to Glenn Youngkin's gubernatorial campaign.  Ellen has over 30 years of political experience working on campaigns, in three congressional offices and in two different administrations at the White House.

Image: Chris Fore.

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