Indisputable video evidence exposes the truth, and Democrats erupt into a conniption

Tucker Carlson shows real footage from January 6th, and the media and the other Democrats squeal like pigs, denouncing the expository tapes as “lies” and Carlson a cherry picker.

This is rich coming from Democrats and the media, who deliberately chose to show a small portion of the videos.

The J6 committee was never seeking the truth. It was seeking to destroy President Trump to preclude a run for 2024.

If they sought the truth, they wouldn’t have lied about the number of people who died that day, and they would have investigated why Pelosi chose not to secure the Capitol, despite urgings from Trump.

It is illegal to withhold exculpatory evidence, so why haven’t all the defendants had access to all tapes and testimony? 

How soon would Ben Crump and Al Sharpton have shown up if an unarmed Black person had been killed by a cop anywhere in the country? Yet, no one seemed to care about Ashli Babbitt.

Shouldn’t the media stop pretending that the Justice Department isn’t politicized and that all people are treated equally? Two days ago, RedState ran an article catching Garland red-handed:

[Garland] was asked by a reporter during a press briefing what he thought about Carlson’s coverage. Listen, as even now, Garland lies. He talks about officers assaulted on ‘that day’ and then says, ‘Five officers died.’

No officers died that day. The only person ‘killed’ that day was Ashli Babbitt who was shot by a Capitol Police officer.

The media and other Democrats know several states violated election laws, and are aware of the credible allegations against Mark Zuckerburg regarding election interference, yet they persist in falsely calling people liars and deniers who questioned the election.

No matter how much misinformation Fauci disseminated, the media didn’t “fact check” him.

When he lied to Congress about the U.S. funding gain-of-function research in China, the media didn’t care.

When he sought to block investigations of the Wuhan lab, the media dutifully lied to the public that it was a disproven conspiracy. 

The media provided endless coverage of the one-sided J6 circus, including nightly theatrical productions.

Yet, mainstream media pundits have little to no interest in COVID hearings, despite revelations regarding unprecedented corruption and criminal government malfeasance.

Daily Signal ran “Congressional Hearings About Team Biden Die in Liberal Media Darkness” which noted:

On March 1, the Senate Judiciary Committee questioned…Merrick Garland for the first time in the new Congress… The New York Times headline was ‘G.O.P. Senators Fire a Barrage of Intense Questions at Garland.’ It placed it on page A-18.

There was nothing that night from ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS or NPR. What this hearing exposed is that Garland’s Justice Department is immensely political and partisan, a law-enforcement bully for the Biden White House.

Biden and others continually lie that the high inflation rate came about because of COVID and Russia. Inflation was below 2% when he took office in 2021; but this was a year into a post-COVID world, and long before Russia invaded Ukraine — Biden’s policies to destroy the existing energy industry is entirely responsible.

Biden and others also lie that the economy was a disaster when he took over when in fact it was growing rapidly.

We also hear the continuous lie that Trump’s tax rate cuts cost the government trillions when in fact the cuts paid for themselves.

The top 1% of taxpayers in 2020 paid an average tax rate of 26%. They paid 42.3% of all income taxes paid even though their share of income was 22.2%. So they paid almost double their share of income in taxes. Isn’t that fair?

The bottom 50% of taxpayers paid an average tax rate of 3.1% or less than 1/8 of the top 1%. They earned 10.2 % of income yet paid only 2.3% of taxes but somehow, according to Biden and the Democrats that is too much. (You can find the above reference data here.)

Here are some other absolute lies the public has been fed continuously:

The border is secure.

Trump colluded with the Russians.

Biden had no knowledge of and did not benefit from Hunter’s kickbacks.

You can keep your doctor, keep your plan, and Obamacare is already funded.

The science is settled that humans and natural resources cause global warming, and/or climate change.

Here is stupidity on steroids:

Hillary said, while in an Arab country, that women are more affected by climate change and that Ukraine is a prime example. Anyone who believes that women in Ukraine are thinking of climate change, or their carbon footprint is a truckload of bricks short of a load. They think of their carbon footprint as much as Hillary and Bill do when they fly in private jets and live in mansions. 

Summary: The media and other Democrats haven’t cared about the truth for a long time. They will lie to push their agenda and lie to destroy anyone who gets in their way like Fox News, Tucker, Hannity, Trump, or DeSantis. It is not a lie to show factual tapes!

Image: Free image, Pixabay license, no attribution required.

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