Indiana University Medical School caves to trans extremists in required course for all MD students

The New Dark Age that is sending Western Civilization into decline scored an important victory at the highly-regarded  Indiana University Medical School in Bloomington, Indiana, where the UK Daily Mail reports:

 Indiana University School of Medicine's mandatory 'Human Structure' course for first year students has been overhauled to include 'sex and gender primer' teaching them to use gender-inclusive language and avoid words like male and female.

cervical cancer screenings should be offered to 'people' not 'women' to avoid offending patients.

Students are also taught that gender is a 'social construct' separate from biological sex, and as doctors they should use 'gender-inclusive and language' to promote 'affirmation of identity.'

This is sheer pandering to a vocal (and frequently abusive) minority but does not directly contradict actual science, though avoiding the words male and female is ignoring reality in favor of pandering to the fantasies of a small percentage of patients. However, the following does contradict science:

It is stated that sex is a 'mostly biological construct,' while defining it as 'patterns of chromosomes, genes, and hormones produce common phenotypes but variations exist.'

I am sorry, but sex is purely biological, based on either XX or XY chromosomes in every cell of the body. What people do with the sexual hand dealt to them does vary, but that does not make sex anything other than biological in nature. And it has two categories: male and female.

As one fully should anticipate, the course materials descend to an infantile level illustrating its idiotic content, such as this “gingerbread man.”


I’ve visited IU a few times, and it is a beautiful campus. It’s a shame that it has been bullied (I assume) and has caved in, forsaking science for political correctness, and is now indoctrinating future physicians in nonsense.

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